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Village Townhomes



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/29/2011
I lived in Village Townhomes for a year. Upon moving in, I thought it was great! The set up was alright, I really liked that for a little extra you could have a washer and dryer in the basement, the staff seemed nice, and at first glance it seemed like a quiet community. However, after living there for several weeks it wasn't so great. The walls are paper thin. You can constantly hear talking, when the doors open or close in the surrounding apartments it's impossible to decipher whether it is in your own apartment or someone else's. Your neighbor's conversations can be heard as if they were in the next room. Neighbors on each side of me constantly had loud parties, drunken, loud, obnoxious people in and out all the time. The parking allows for two cars, which would be great, except for one car parks behind the other and if my roommate wasn't home by nine o'clock the party overflow from the neighbors blocked me in, forcing me to miss classes and work so many times I can't count. The office never did ANYTHING about this. The building are incredibly heat/air conditioning inefficient. The insulation is awful. The heat bill was incredibly high, a constant draft from the windows and doors made keeping warmth inside the building nearly impossible. Once we had moved out of the apartment, getting your deposit back? Forget about it. On top of that, they harassed me for months claiming I owed them money which I didn't. The whole thing was a frustrating nightmare. If you like listening to drunks yell and stumble, having a $700 electric bill for a small apartment, and still sleep in a cold room, being harassed for money you don't owe and being blocked into your driveway and being late for work because your neighbors are blacked out on their floor unable and unwilling to move their car, move in! Because Village Townhomes can offer you all of that and more!
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Village Townhomes

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