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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/09/2008
The #1 complaint: THIN walls with ZERO insulation, not even between the apartments. If you want to smell your neighbors' dinner or cigarettes, this may be the place for you. The smells are especially strong in the bathroom, kitchen, and basement, but it will go through the entire apartment. If you want to hear your neighbors' business, this is definitely the place for you...you can hear entire conversations! You also get to hear the neighbors walking up/down steps and opening/closing doors. The doors have major gaps...heat, bugs, snow, and drafts come in. There are no screen doors. There is limited natural light and airflow because the doors do not have windows. Everything in the entire apartment is CHEAP. Things break, come apart, peel, and get damaged easy...the light sockets, tub, sinks, windows, cupboards, trim, walls, doors, vents, carpet, paint, caulking, seals, flooring, etc. There are very few electrical sockets and the covers pull right off when you try to unplug something. The heating and cooling is bad, especially upstairs. Expect to pay at least $150 in the winter...if you keep your heat very low and cover the windows. The bathroom does not have any ventilation...except a window in the shower. Who opens the window in the winter? The bathroom gets very cold in the winter, a small space heater is needed...at least during showers. The bathroom tiles are horrific. They need to be re-done (floors and tub walls.) All vent/register covers need updating or replaced...some have been painted over so many times the heat/central air is blocked. You can rent a washer & dryer (additional cost) or bring your own; every unit has hook-ups in the basement. The staff are friendly but nosy and judgemental. The management staff live on the property. Maintenance prefers to do minimal repairs in the quickest & cheapest way possible. There have been several management and maintenance personnel changes in a very short time period. The best staff member was recently fired...probably because she caught the management breaking the rules. This used to be a fairly quiet & family oriented place to live; however, more and more party people are moving in...and lots of them. This is most likely a reflection of the leasing staff/property management. The property grounds used to be well maintained as a whole, but lately they are lacking. In the spring and summer, the trees and flowers are pretty, but attention to weeds and overgrown bushes is lacking. The lawn is cut once a week (contracted out) but there are lots of large, brown, dry areas in the grass...and that's in addition to the dead spots from animal feces. In the winter, be prepared to shovel snow. The maintenance staff will clear porches and sidewalks, but not in a timely manner. There are only a few staff working to shovel all of the porches and sidewalk areas. In addition, their work day begins a bit later. There are carports but they have a bumper to bumper layout. If you have more than one vehicle, you will be moving them around...and only one vehicle gets covered and the spaces are tight. There are two overflow parking lots for extra cars or guests, which come in handy for the residents who like to invite lots of noisy guests over to party. This is a fairly small property where the office and maintenance staff will know all of your business. All of it. There are a few positive aspects of this property. It is pet friendly (for an extra cost). It seems to be a safe place for kids...or it was before the new people started moving in. There is a pool, but each apartment is allowed only ONE guest...except the management staff. They break all pool rules. The property is well lit at night...when there aren't burnt out bulbs. It is rare to see law enforcement in the area, but they have been around lately...a reflection on the management staff and the newer residents who party too much. If you consider moving here, good luck.
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