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Canterbury East Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
The layout of the apartments stink. You will have a hard time trying to figure out where to put your couch and TV. There seems to be a door, closet, or some other opening right in the way! The kitchen lacks adequate counter space and forget having two people cook at the same time. The lights are dim. There is no living room light, you have to use your own lamp. The light switch is across the room, so if you go home and it is dark you risk tripping. The management sucks and seems very uncaring. We have had repeated problems with noisy neighbors and our complaints were not taken seriously. They do not adequately warn tenants about major changes, they use fliers on doors instead of paper mail or phone calls. We were recently locked out of our apartment without warning because they changed the locks on us. The alleged they put a flier on our door but we never got one. They towed cars when they decided to repave on Spring break and only gave a flier on the door as a warning, people who were gone were SOL. When complaining to the office manager about the issue she treated us like were stupid and took no responsibility for their mistakes. They are usually slow to respond to tenants whenever they comes into the office, they seem preoccupied with other things. On top of that, they are often unfriendly. Complex manager is the worst offender, she is probably the reason they others act the way they do. They really need a competent and nice manager who actually cares about the needs of the tenants. Maintenance often takes a long time to get to problems. We complained about the front locks on the doors being difficult to open, and 10 months late they finally fixed them. This was mostly annoying but may have been a risk if someone was being followed and needed to get to safety. The fitness center is tiny. In the fall, the lights do not come on when it is dark and this poses a danger trying to get into apartments at night. They do not provide enough wasters/driers on site and require tenants to use money cards to do laundry. We have often had money on our card but forced to go to laundry mat elsewhere because the on-site laundry rooms where taken up. This is a hassle. On a positive note they keep the grounds fairly clean and the maintenance staff is friendly and when they get to a problem, they do it right the first time around.
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Canterbury East Apartments

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