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Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
They say you get what you pay for, and I might say that is true about the physical state of this older apartment complex, BUT that is not true by any means of the overall experience living here. I lived in another Mt. Pleasant apartment complex (a "nice" non-college student complex ranging from $680-$780 a month) for two years before moving here, so I honestly came here for a cheaper place to live without very high expectations. Here's my honest experience: Upkeep The interior decor of the apartments is not the best. If you're picky about a perfect paint job, flawless cupboards, and walls without repaired scuffs, you'll probably hate it here and leave a bad review, so I suggest you save yourself the discomfort and not live here. Also, if you don't like to use the sidewalk and insist on walking through the grass, you'll probably step in dog poop multiple times because some of the tenants slack off. Parking Availability of parking is awesome! There is an insane amount of ample parking, and I come and go at different times all the time because of my crazy work schedule, and there has never been a time when I could not find a parking spot near my building. The downside? Poor lighting. After recent events in Mt. Pleasant, more lighting would be great, but it's not so horrible that I wouldn't live here. Noise Pretty awesome minus the occasional annoying barks of a dog. I moved here under the impression that tenants have parties all the time, so I was terrified of never sleeping. Not true, at least where I'm at. I live on an entire level of college students, and a couple of my neighbors have held parties, but I only know that because they invited me to them. If someone is walking near the window, you can hear every word they say (as would be expected), but noise levels have never disturbed my ability to sleep or study. Safety I have never felt unsafe here. Granted, I do hate walking around at night because of the poor lighting, so I avoid it at all costs, but I think that is really more of me being cautious. A few months ago, there were several car break ins in Mt. Pleasant, and we did experience some here according the office, but the office immediately alerted the whole complex with fliers that had information. Luckily, the people behind those car break ins were caught. Unfortunately, my car insurance went up $20 a month because of it, but that could have happened at any of the other several places that had break ins during that time. One annoyance was when someone stole another tenant's clothes out of a laundry room washer. Fortunately, I have not experienced that (knock on wood), but I would recommend keeping an eye on your clothes or check them frequently, as you should anyway, so that does not happen to you. Maintenance I have only had a couple issues, and only one I have ever called maintenance for. Nothing too serious, and maintenance arrived within an hour (it was after the office was closed, too). Construction The only horrible thing is the insulation in the winter. BUT HEAT IS FREE! So who cares? Honestly? Very easy to get over. Overall I love this place. The staff is very friendly and completely reasonable. They aren't late fee nazis like my old apartments who would charge a ridiculous amount of money. Late fees are completely reasonable. Pet fees are unbeatable (really, this was a HUGE plus that no other apartments had). They don't treat you like a no-name business transaction here, and that is precisely why I am re-signing my lease for a second year. Are there downsides? Of course. But would I choose living here even if money weren't an issue? Definitely. ****UPDATE***** They have installed video cameras in the laundry room- very responsive to complaints!
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