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Park Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/30/2006
If you are considering living at Park Place, read this first. I have had countless negative experiences while living here. When I first arrived, I found out that I had to "request" a bed in my room. That's fine and all, but when I got it, it was in horrible shape. The mattress was absolutely disgusting and worn out. At night, there is no lighting along the sidewalks and the huge bushes didn't add to the safety at night as well. Parking is a disaster - plowed and salted very poorly in the winter, and in the summer, there's always broken glass and trash lying around. THE BIGGEST ANNOYANCE here was the floors - this place is 30 years old and it sure shows. ANY sort of movement from the floor above you is heard, since the floors squeak very loudly. This made it especially frustruating TRYING to sleep or study!! And last but not least, I handed my rent over to some "not so friendly" people, which didn't quite make that already painful but necessary task any easier. All utilities are included but it is just not worth it. I've done some current apartment shopping and have found MUCH BETTER deals WITH the majority of utilities included. Wish I would've known this before hand but hopefully you'll take this into consideration. Bottom Line: Park Place is NOT the sweetest deal in town!
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