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Woodside Apartments



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Jenn1189 • Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2012
Rent is pretty cheap, $310 a person... but with that comes a cheap apartment. The washing machine is very loud and you could hardly put a half of a load in the washing machine and dryer. Bugs were constantly coming in the apartment in the summer and the landlord wouldn't do anything about it. It was beyond gross, we constantly had infestations of ants and 5 in centipedes constantly. The place doesn't stay cool in the summer and doesn't stay heated in the winter. We kept our air and heat at a reasonable degree, but yet were still charged over a $100 each month with consumers energy. The office people are very rude and aren't helpful at all. They say that you have a 5 day grace period, but don't get fooled by that, you can pay the 4th or 5th but they will take the money out days later and make you pay for a late fee. The best part is when you move out, you get charged for things that didn't even occur in your apartment. My roommate and I cleaned the apartment spotless,, no stains or tears anywhere. About a month later, we got charged over a thousand dollars. Supposedly our carpet in the living room and the main bedroom had "bad" carpeting and we had a 2x2 mm scratch on our kitchen counter. I actually thought we would get our security deposit back due to how spotless our apartment was, but apparently not so because Mr.------- would rather rip off college students. My roommate called Mr. ------- and talked to him about our outrageous charges and the outcome was absolutely ridiculous. He told my roommate that instead of ripping out the carpet they "guess" they should've just steamed cleaned it, but now that they are ripped it out we have to pay the cost of that. And he told my roommate that the carpet was over 3 years old. So basically, he took advantage of us and is making us pay a fortune for something so ludicrous. But oh, he knocked over a couple hundred dollars so now we ONLY owe him $600. I would not advise anyone to live at these apartment complexes, not unless you want rude staff/landlord and want to pay an arm and a leg for when you move out. I regret moving into this apartment complex and I hope everyone is smart enough to not move to these complexes. I have lived in over 5 apartment complexes in Mount Pleasant and these have got to be the worse, even Deerfield apartments were better.
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Woodside Apartments

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