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Pendleton Park

57715 Grand River

New Hudson, MI 48165



Resident · 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
One year at Pendleton Park was too many! After the first year they raised rent by $80 so be prepared for that, if you think you will get the good tenant discount for resigning a lease agreement you are sadly mistaken. The rent is ridiculously priced considering that your utilities will be out of control. The windows are horrible; you can feel the wind rip through the windows and walls. Even with the plastic over them for the winter and summer months (for a/c) there was little, to no change in utilities cost. Not that you should have to place window plastic over the windows in a complex that is only ten years old. The only thing you save on is not having a water bill . BUT the water is so awful you will end up paying more in the long run. The water softeners (multiple systems) they have installed new recently are already back to the way they were before (which is fine if you like brown rusty water) they have/had been serviced multiple times. This water will ruin your clothes, and about once a month for a day or two (if you are lucky enough to only get those few days where this happens) your water will run dark brown rust, hopefully not before you need to shower for work or anything. I would not even let animals drink this water. So plan on buying lots of bottled water. Working in the construction trades my whole life, I can tell they used the cheapest products available to put this whole complex together. I had to wait 3 months for screens because they had to have them custom made because they are not a standard size. I also had to place several calls to get this simple task accomplished. The walls are so thin be prepared to hear your neighbors crying babies, dogs, music, talking, cabinets slamming you can not only hear your neighbor fart, but can most likely smell it. The only positive takeaway this place offers is they take big dogs, which is why I signed here in the first place. They have a strict (what a joke) policy on cleaning up your dog droppings, they provide pet areas, with plastic bags and trash bins that make it simple to clean up after your animal, but forget about anyone enforcing it! As a dog owner, I am disgusted at the lazy pet owners not cleaning up after their animals, as well as disgusted with the management at the clubhouse for not taking care of this issue. Poop everywhere. Again, the management office will be polite and listen to your complaints about anything and feed you a line about how they are going to take care of the issue just to get you off the phone, I promise you nothing will be done unless you call, call, and call. Even then, don t expect it to get fixed timely or correctly or at all. Another reason I signed a lease here was to use the pool/hot tub, gym, sauna. Last summer the pool was shut down every week and drained because parents do not monitor their children and Pendleton Park has no pool monitor to make sure rules are being followed. Also to make sure the pool isn t getting defecated in regularly (which it was) you won t be able to enjoy the hot tub because the kids use it as a toilet/playground. Even though they are not allowed in the hot tub without parents, but the parents are nowhere to be found around the pool area. Of course Pendleton Park will tell you they will take care of the issue and hold the parents responsible, nothing will happen. I have had birds in my dryer twice in less than two years because of a simple exhaust vent cover. As well as yellow jackets nesting EVERYWHERE! It looks nice from the outside, and the smiles and bs they sell you in the clubhouse make it enticing but I strongly urge anyone considering this place to cross it, and any other village green complexes off your list of potential new homes. You pay way too much money here to have to deal with all these issues! The tenants they have been leasing to in the last year have really destroyed whatever credibility it held. Glass is constantly smashed in the parking lots and sidewalks, cars are getting broken into and last week we had a shooting! You will get absolutely no respect from the management office or Village Green. I could go on and on, make it simple and do yourself a favor and do not make the same mistake I made!!!! I have nothing but regret since moving here. Completely dissatisfied.
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Pendleton Park

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