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Glens of Northville



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ljonesy1979 • Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2012
I have recently moved out for several reasons after 1 yr. There have been some improvements, but then they take a step back. For example, they repainted the carports, but then they forgot to put the assigned numbers back on, so many times, someone was parked in my spot and there was no additional parking for me. They have the flowers look nice in the front, but they dont have sprinklers in here and I have not seen the lawn watered once in the rest of the complex. The grass by my doorwall was pure brown and has patches of grass missing. When it would rain, there were massive pools of water and mud. They painted primer on our personal doors, I thought great, that's nice... but they didnt come back to stain it. A Handyman told me the Manager had them paint the wrong building by mistake, so by the time I moved out, it had still been 3 weeks with just the ugly primer on. For some reason they installed something on the bottom of our doors, I think they were trying to eliminate a serious issue with a neighbor cooking pungent food, but they didn't notify us, so staff were entering our apartments without our knowledge or permission. Excuse me, but I want to be home when someone is working in my apt. I'm not saying anything against the crew, but it appeared the office forgot to notify us they were installing them. The guys seem like they got it together, but someone in the office is messing up. Overall it was an OK experience, but I would look elsewhere.
Glens of Northville Manager06/29/2012

Dear LJonesy, We at Woodland Glen appreciate and value your opinions and thoughts, and take them very seriously. We also felt that you should know about all of the exciting and new things taking place here. We have been really busy at Woodland Glen, installing new carpet in the common areas, upgrading the washers & dryers, increasing the landscaping, painting the common areas, and carports, as well as repairing roofs & the parking lot, and with all of this there could have been a break in communication on our end, so let me apologize for that. Yes, we recently for security purposes had the carports painted and have been developing a better way to track and recode them with is currently underway. Should anyone experience issues with their parking space, all they would need to do is contact the office and we will address the issue immediately. Also, we recently installed door sweeps under every apartment door, entry into your unit or that of your neighbors was not necessary to complete this task. Previously we were hand watering the flowers around the property and are in the currently in the process of installing sprinklers throughout the property. As far as the doors being primed, an outside contractor was hired to paint the building entrance doors and due to a breakdown within the contractor's office they inadvertently painted the apartment doors, since then the doors have been painted. Again, I apologize if you feel we lacked in any area, and we wish that you could have stayed around to see all of the great changes we are making.

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Glens of Northville

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