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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2013
The best thing about MainCentre Apartments is the location. If you have an apartment at the south end of the building the air conditioner is not sufficient to keep the apartment cool. Our air conditioning bill was $350.00 every bill in the summer and it didn't even keep it cool. I paid less than this for a 2500 sq ft colonial house, and we kept our thermostat at 72!!!!! The appliances are the worst I have ever used. The washer wrecked my clothes, they came out so twisted, you could hardly untwist them. The stove was the worst stove: the burners were bent, and they were uneven, so you would burn one side of the food cooking in the pan while the other side was hardly cooking. The dishwasher did not clean the dishes, I had to wash them by hand. They told me the dishwasher WAS working properly. (not). They painted some cheap paint on the counter tops to make it look updated, which was deceiving, you thought you were getting nicer counter tops when in reality, they were just hiding old stains on the counter tops, then ----- accused us of wrecking the counter tops when we checked out. She also accused us of having a cat, because the sun rotted the old stained carpet near the door wall- thus making a hole, you could see the rotting threads -when in actuality when we moved in the carpet was already old but we were told they only replace the carpets every 5 years. The previous renters before us had so many boxes stacked all over the apartment I couldn't see the carpet that good, nor did ----- let me look at the apartment for very long, she hurried me along, now I know why! They were good about responding when something was broken. However, they only jerry-rigged everything, -things were not fixed the correct way, they just but a bandaid on it, until you complain again. Hopefully you stop complaining, because you figure out, they don't want to invest any money doing the job correctly. Also you dn't want them coming in your apartment once a month to fix something, they don't actually fix very good The roof leaks very badly and needs to be replaced. If you are on the top floor, this is very apparent. They just paint over it, and you don't notice until the stains bleed through the after you move in. The parking garage is very dirty, but it belongs to city of Northville not the Maincentre. The security gate breaks frequently. They place rude written notices on the entry doors, communicating to you like you are a child, instead of tactfully~ AND not a valued paying customer who is living in their "so called" luxury apartment. (who gets to treat their customers this way, if I talked to my customers this way they would stop doing business with my company). Believe me these are not luxury apartment s. They could be, IF they would fix them up. Their security is a sham. A guy was on my floor bothering my neighbor, and the police had to be called. He was drunk, and abusive, HOW did HE get the building, is what I want to know!!!! Also we were not told there was an extra charge for water each month, per person, and a parking fee for each car in addition to the monthly rent, until we were signing the rental agreement. Nice surprise.
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