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Park Place of Northville



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
Surrounding these nice looking apartments are other apartments that cost an average $75 less a month but offer the same amount of options.<br><br>A common complaint that I have heard thruought the buildings is ants, spiders and some other flying bug. I have this problem. No matter what you do, they get in. And if you are lucky enough for them not to get in, they inhabit your outer patio area. As far as landscaping goes, if you have a bush or tree in front of your door, you better plan on buying your own bush trimmer, because they only trim the landscaping once a year. This isnt just to make the area look good. Sometimes they overgrow so much that I cant get into my apt without going Rambo (Into the bush).<br><br>They use to have an online webpage that residents could pay their rent,submit maintenance requests, etc. Thats gone. Without any notice they took this offline probably because too many residents got their rent in ontime and couldnt collect enough in late dues.<br><br>Good looking pool isnt it? Expect it to be open for 1 month total. Unfortunately I refuse to move anywhere else until I find a house to buy. This means I have been here over 2 years and the pool has never opened up on time, the hot tub rarely works and the pool often gets shut down. <br><br>Parking is not the greatest. Yes, you get your own spot, but if you have anything other than a compact, dont expect to have more than 3 or 4 inches inbetween cars in the covered areas. <br><br>Bottom line, this place seems great in the beginning, but be prepared to see the REAL Park Place immediately after signing that lease.
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Park Place of Northville

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