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Novi Ridge Apartments and Townhomes



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2010
Management must of have written this!!!! Sorry! It s their job to be as nice as they can to us. I am paying there salary and they should be nice to us...Who the hell on this property calls this place the "Ridge"? Not me! I call it HELL!! I don't know who the new Property Manager thinks she is! But she's has no clue what she is doing! You re the Manager Be a Manager!! Stop blaming everyone but yourself! She blames both Sandy and Dawn...Sandy wasn't the brightest light, but she was way better then Kelly. Sandy at least made you think she was going to help you with a problem or cared about it. Sandy had a bubbly attitude! Not condescending like Kelly s! Dawn was the GLUE in that office. She knew us by name and where we live, she always tried to help, she did her best to smile everyday, she was GREAT! Now they got rid of her...not sure where Managements head is...I would guess in a very dark place! It s not Dawn s fault the Management Company put her with the worst group of nuts they call help! Kelly says this property is not Section 8! But that new girl in the office talks as if she straight from Detroit! Maintenance or Mike ? The Maintenance staff other then Mike does not give a damn about you or the snow on your car...Jerry just pushes the snow around your car and keeps going, I ve seen the snow piled up behind cars as high as there bumpers! If that s caring I hate to see what happens if you piss him off! Don t know the new guy! No! There is no perfect place to live...BUT! Novi Ridge Apartment is a horrible place to live...
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Novi Ridge Apartments and Townhomes

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