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Novi Ridge Apartments and Townhomes



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2013
I've lived in Novi Ridge for almost 1.5 years. My biggest complaint is with the management and the neighbors. Management rarely answers their phone. When confronted about not answering the phone they always say they were out touring the buildings, but I know that this is not the case because I have called while standing on the front steps of the office and watched three employees stare at the phone while it rang and eventually went to voicemail. They are quick to call if there is money involved, but unless there's a major emergency don't except them to fix a problem or even return your call. Maintenance does a decent job when management finally sends them out, but that almost never happens. I've found it's better to call the after hours maintenance number because that goes straight to someone's cell. Many of the neighbors are just plain lazy. They'll throw trash in bushes or on top of the dumpsters rather than putting it in the dumpsters. There are numerous "beaters" parked in the lots and down the sides of the roads and are frequently left there for weeks without being moved.
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Novi Ridge Apartments and Townhomes

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