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Novi Ridge Apartments and Townhomes



Resident · 2004 - 2011
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I am a long time resident of novi ridge and I can't wait to get out 7 years is way to long for being here! So where to begin I guess i'll follow the list Parking, parking is horrid, with so many families packing into these apts there is hardly any parking anywhere, you have a spot in the carport but ten to one you won't have it because someone else parked in your spot. I have the issue of living right next to the school bus stop and my car isn't safe anywhere I park it as kids love to lean and sit on all our cars while waiting for the bus stop. Noise, noise is an issue anywhere you go it all depends on how lucky you get when you move in, i've been here 7 years and have gone through the ups and downs of noise level and complaints mostly its been good in my complex, I had a guy blast music for a year at night till like 8am you try working nights and falling asleep to base shaking your bed and tell me how much luck you have. The major complaint I have here with noise are the kids and that darn bus stop, now tell me any of you why it isn't a SMART idea to take the bus stop and put it on the island of grass near the road making it easier and more simple for the kids and the bus? Instead they jam all the kids on the sidewalk IN FRONT OF MY COMPLEX where they sit and lean on the cars, ruining the paint, they yell and scream in front of my window causing me not to sleep till all four bus runs are done. Other then that and the idiots that think blasting their sound systems in the car while parked is cool noise level is alright. Grounds, grounds are...ok? It has gone up and down the main issue again is kids, they like to take trash and old furniture from the dumpsters and take it over in warmer weather and make forts in the trees on the side of the complex making a huge mess and hassle, kids leave their bikes and toys outside thrown all over causing me to sprain an ankle more then once by tripping over the crap at night when taking the dogs out. Which leads to the issue of night time there, the grounds are poorly lit and its very dark out there, I feel very unsafe when walking my dogs at night when I can't see whats in front of my face let alone around the corner or something. In winter they have done ok walk ways most the time were shoveled and salted and the lot was actually plowed pretty good for the amount of snow we had this year. Safety, here is the big one causing me to move out. Cars are vandolised left and right, windows broken and tires slashed my brother got a new car and his window was smashed in the next day nothing stolen someone just felt like doing it. My mom got a new car and the next day someone keyed her trunk or ten to one it was one of the kids with the back pack while leaning on the car! There are drug lords and drug dealers living here and no i'm not kidding! Break ins were few and far between actually however in this recent year break ins are happening everywhere! Heck on my complex alone my neibor and neibor two doors down from me got robbed last month a few days apart, I think only I was saved because of the fact that someone is always home here. Safety is horrid and is the main reason i'm leaving. Construction simply put its cheep, you can't clean a wall or the paint will come right off. The washer, dryer, dishwasher and fridge are all outdated and only really half work and need to be called in all the time to get fixed. Everything feels blan, old and cheep and for the amount they make you pay here its so not worth it. Maintenance is ok actually there was this really nice main tech I forgot the name of who worked here and got fired for actually doing his job. The new pain tech mike is awsome and I see him all the time at my work so we get to talking a lot and this year he has been really under staffed because he made sure all the guys who "fixed" stuff meaning they didn't got fired but in effect expecially with this bad winter he has been really under staffed and working way to many hours you should see the bags under his eyes! Staff....don't get me started...I have been here 7 years and I have seen at least 6 diffrent owners plus the bank owning us once no one can keep this place and everyone who buys this places has horrid service I gave up a long time ago on them i'm just glad I have connections to the main tech. Don't waste your breath on calling them they won't get anything done IE the kids and the bus stop right in front of my complex in front of my window, 7 years of dealing with it and 7 years of nothing being done, oh excuse me they did move it down a little bit but dosen't really help even if its moved a few feet away when there are a good 20 to 40 kids pending on what grade is going waiting in a huge group for the bus... Overall...back in the day 7 maybe even 5 years ago I would of said give this place a shot, but after diffrent people owning this place every year or so, and letting anyone and everyone from detroit come here its gotten really bad...wait I should restate that I have friends and know a lot who live here from detroit who are nice people...they let the WRONG type in general come on in here, they don't care if you have a criminal back round or what have you they will let you in and thats just plain wrong. With the rise of drugs and drug buying, break ins and car vandolizations i'm calling it quits my lease is almost up and i'm gone after its up, my mother and I found a nice place were going to go to for just a few years and then my gf, mother and I are going to find a nice small home to move into and i'll be done with apartment living in general. Just do yourself a favor from a long time renter from Novi Ridge, don't bother and don't give it a look it is not worth your time, money and effort to stay here. I am moving out and I like 7 others moving out this year as well and you would do well to stay away from here if people see this and take my advice maybe one day this place will be torn down and they will make something useful from it.
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