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Novi Ridge Apartments and Townhomes



Resident · 2010 - 2012
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Office Staff
There are rules in place but the residents are not the type to follow them. The Small children ride their new bikes in the parking lots unattended around the cars. There was mildew in every window which I did not notice when I signed up, it was late fall. The mildew in the bathroom is nonstop. A resident owns a pitbul another rule breaker. The teens hang out late and are loud every summer. I have seen the Cops called five times since last year 2011. I herd a young man call this place a dump. I was insulted at first, he moved out. The longer I stay I agree. The ridge is poorly managed by the current regime as it was by the former. There is an up coming inspection, good luck with the bank interview of the residents. The kitchen cabinets are outdated. How many times have I banged my big head. I cant move the stove or refrigerator to clean behind them. The dinette has an out patito but no screen. If you want to conserve air do not go green you will get flies in the house. My complaint went unanswered last year. It took a year to get lighting on the back and key front entry way. The original complaint was attached to the screen complaint. One resident plays music loud in the parking lots between 7-8 am weekends in the warmer tempts. without fail. Sounds travels I have to shut the bedroom window. Yes I could go on. We payed $50.00 for carpet cleaning at renewal, save your money have management take it off your rent, invest in a V.cleaner yourself. Tan carpet, go figure. With all that off my chest My next place in reach, I can and will leave Novi Ridge behind, far behind !
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Novi Ridge Apartments and Townhomes

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