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Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
We have lived here a year and every since it's been a joke. You can never seem to dust enough due to the dinosaur aged furnace and inadequate central air which only cools the basement thanks to duct work being old and full of holes!!!! The pool.....oh yeah! there is a pool but its never open and last summer they had more non-residents in the pool than actual residents. The noise is non-stop and the police might as well have a mini station here. They go up on the rent annually and go DOWN on the service. The staff seems cold and uncaring once they get you in your lease. Your assigned one parking spot which some tenants' guest will decide to park in and never leave even if you blow your horn for over an hour!! Recently there was an out of control party and gunshots were fired prompting police to swarm the complex (common during summer). Your town home will be nice and white when you view it but after you really look at it the blinds are dirty ceiling fans dusty and paint covers everything!! The tile in the shower and bath are actually painted over instead of being professionally cleaned they have a process they refer to as "Re-glazing" which is nothing but a fresh coat of latex paint over your tub and tiles. The walls are thin, your hear neighbors fighting and if they smoke, so do you cause your house will smell of it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone due to inconvenience after inconvenience. Late on your rent? it happens to the best of us. No worries..just pay their handy $75 late fee even if you miss the deadline by ONE day with a very good excuse! You'll enjoy the onsite maintenance who for some strange reason prefers to come in your home AFTER you leave. And he always comes in your back door. The maintenance is a JOKE here! They will tell you the part is on order then you will have to call them back in two weeks about the part that would take two days. Insulation is non-existent due to the ridiculous heating and cooling costs! The maintenance will ignore your complaint about the air not working by saying it needs recharged he will come on a cool evening when its not needed and say "It feels cold to me." "See how that works." DUH its pulling in cold air!!! Of course its cool.Welcome to The Oak Park Projects...I mean Stratford Villa Townhomes and apts.
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