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Knob Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
davidd1994 • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2017
Knob Hill Apartments are appealing at first glance. The individual units seem clean and well-maintained, as does the community as a whole. To add to the appeal, the office staff are very friendly and eager to help customers get moved into their apartment. For the first month of our residency, my wife and I were very happy to have found such an accommodating apartment complex to live in. We began having maintenance issues (mostly plumbing-related) after the first month. We had a handful of issues in our bathroom, which were only a small nuisance. Maintenance always came to fix the problem immediately, but it seemed that every solution they created was a temporary fix. Aside from the maintenance issues, our only complaint was that a group would hang out outside our building's front door multiple times a day, smoking marijuana. Maintenance issues continued to arise, and never bothered us much until water started to leak through our carpet, ruining our personal belongings, and forcing us to avoid half of our bedroom. When maintenance came, they replaced the padding beneath the carpet, blew a fan, and told us it was taken care of. When our carpet flooded again, we had to complain three times before it was taken care of. The maintenance man planned on fixing a seal in the window, and when I showed him where the problem was coming from, he cut out the carpet and blew the fan again. I am no handyman, but after pulling back the carpet and looking at the foundation, it seems obvious that the water was coming from cracks in the floor of the unit, coupled by poor drainage around the building. After the second attempt at fixing the problem, I went to the office to ask for a real solution. The property manager asked me to give her an "appropriate amount of time" to fix the issue. I asked to change rooms, but she told me that each resident is connected to their apartment, so we could consider that option after she attempted to find a solution. It has been a month since I went to the office, and no attempt has been made to fix the leak. My carpet is soaked, once again, because it rained yesterday. I have talked to past residents and read online reviews, which have taught me that the floor and building that I reside in has been flooding for ten years. Knob Hill is very attractive at first glance, but after having issues with my unit, it has become clear that they concentrate on bringing in new customers. Keeping current customers happy is a very low priority. I am sure that not every unit is as poorly maintained as ours, but my experience has taught me that renting here is a gamble. It is hard to beat the prices, but if you happen to move into a problematic unit, you should plan on living out the length of your lease, dealing with whatever inconvenience plagues that unit.
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Knob Hill Apartments

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