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Knob Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
SIG556NATO • Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/06/2011
This is the WORST place (AND COMPANY!!!) that I have ever rented from. -LOUD. You can make constant noise complaints to the Meridian police as well as the complex. The complex will distribute bright colored pieces of paper asking people to be quiet (doesn't happen). The police show up in about 20 minutes, verify the complaint, tell the people to be quiet, and they are at it again the next night. The office ignores the reports from the police, and continues to claim that there is no issue, even though it is well documented by Meridian township that this place has noise complaints almost every night. -HORRIBLE staffing - Disorganized, oblivious, and rude - The lady that runs this complex is nothing short of psychotic and should be avoided at all costs. The maintenance staff all look like ex convicts and are not "skilled" - Expect them to attempt a cave man fix (Long after you requested the fix... It won't be prompt) and fail. Kind of sad. -BUGS in the apartment - Besides bed bugs (WORST EXPERIENCE EVER) there are all sorts of other critters that crall in - guess why - THE FURNACES ARE OPEN TO THE OUTSIDE, and the FURNACE CAVITIES ARE OPEN TO THE INSIDE THROUGH AN UNFILTERED AIR GRATE AT THE FLOOR. They call it an "intake duct", say that its where the furnace sucks air in, and that the bugs that crawl out of it must have already been there. FUNNY, because all winter long there is VERY cold air blowing out of that vent, and YOU CAN SEE OUTSIDE through it!!! -PARKING is a problem. Not because there isn't enough - it's adequate - but if you have a nice car, it WON'T be nice for long - MANY unsupervised SMALL CHILDREN and teenagers in the parking lot all spring, summer and fall - They sit on your cars, scrape their bike handles up against them, etc - I complained to the police about this and a parent actually had the nerve to tell me that I have no business telling the police that their SIX YEAR OLD was riding her tricycle around the parking lot BY HERSELF. -NEIGHBORS are sketchy at best - Have seen several get arrested, and many are on welfare so they don't work - They just "Hang out" all day, smoking on their balconies and listening to music - No, these are not students - They are "disabled" for one reason or another and live off of the government. We had regular fistfights in the courtyard in the middle of the night between tenants - Funny to watch, but also made us scared to go outside at night with all the drunk people milling around. On top of that, a bunch of the tenants have agressive pit bulls - They walk them on huge chains, indicating that they are quite aware of their animals tendencies - It's scary that these animals are allowed to live around all the little kids that run all over this place all day long. -APARTMENTS are gross - The hallways stink of rotten garbage, B.O., and cat pee - The apartments do as well. We lived in two different apartments at knob hill and could NOT get the smell of the carpet to go away. Disgusting. If you are looking for a nice place to live, this is not it - They will try to lure you in with no security deposit, no gas or water bill, etc - THEY HAVE TO DO THIS BECAUSE NOONE WOULD RENT HERE OTHERWISE. Think about the kind of people that take this deal... They will be your neighbors. If you are party animal, this is the place for you. If you want a nice place to live, look elsewhere. My overall impression of this place: TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!!
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Knob Hill Apartments

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