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Knob Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
twrch • Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2012
The primary problem with this apartment complex is the office staff. If they were willing to proactively deal with the issues caused by a few problem tenants, this would be a nice place to live. Instead, despite the "breed restrictions", there are huge dangerous dogs like pit bulls leaving huge piles of dog crap all over the children's' play area, there are people with obscenely loud sound systems in their cars shaking the building at all hours of the day and night, and there are regular loud parties in a few apartments that can only be broken up by calling meridian police. The office staff refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem, and then there is a complaint, they claim that they will look in to it - That is the last you will hear of it, and they will deny that anything is going on. I think all of this goes right up to the complex manager, I think her name is Patty or Pat - She is the one that needs to be dealing with the problems in the complex, but she is either too lazy, doesn't care, or possibly has some sort of serious self esteem issue which prevents her from being confrontational with the problem tenants. Either way, this place is going downhill fast, and I will not be here more than to the end of my lease. I have known friends here for years, and they have always said that it gets worse every year. I guess they were right. There are actually creepy crawlies that hang out in the dark areas of the parking lots now, smoking cigarettes and just watching people. This place has gone from being pretty nice and quiet 4 years ago, to a good candidate for the next parking lot shooting or other sort of violent crime. Another thought, the place is INCREDIBLY expensive to cool in the summer, and we have both had severe sinus issues since moving in here - We shined lights inside the heating vents and there is either 2 inches thick of mold, or 2 inches thick of decades of human and pet dander, and dust. Either way, GROSS. None of our drains will drain quickly, all very slow. None of the doors shut all the way due to the many layers of paint. If we don't keep it below 72 in the summer time, the whole apartment reeks of a horrible mold/must/pee smell (just like the hallways outside the apt). This place is gross and repulsive in SO MANY WAYS and when we have called for maintenance, a creepy/shady person will appear, enter without finding out if we're home or not, and "rig" whatever up so that it isn't a problem in the short term. I wouldn't be surprised if the maintenance people here all have criminal records. They are scary.
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Knob Hill Apartments

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