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Knob Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
doctorsuma • Resident 2008 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/24/2012
i lived in knob hill for 4 years.when i moved out into a home of my own i told the office staff in advance (2 months earlier than my move date)i asked the office staff whether they were any formalities or problems associated with moving at that point they replied no please go ahead we have other renters waiting.the sooner u move the better.so we moved and after 6 months got a bill in our mail box from knob hill of thousand dollars .we were stunned .we called them and asked the office staff replied its for breaking your lease!we told them there s a misunderstanding but they said it has already gone to collections so they cant do anything about it.patty the general manager told us to contact dtn management.the woman in the accounts department(i forgot her name)in dtn was very very rude and downright said she wont help us .we called the collections agency (it was procollect) and the guy there was so rude he was yelling in the phone at us as though we killed sumone.so finally we had no way out we decided to pay it.thats wat we r doing in installments now.DONT TRUST DTN MANAGEMENT they r a cheating company which rips innocent people out of their hard earned money.DONT TRUST THE OFFICE STAFF AND GENERAL MANAGER OF KNOB HILL.they have no clue about anything.they r like puppets on a string pulled by dtn.DTN TELLS THEM TO RIP PEOPLE OFF THEY DO IT.NEVER EVER MOVE OUT UNLESS YOU GET A WRITTEN AGREEMENT FROM THEM AND DTN THAT YOU WONT BE CHARGED ANYTHING EXTRA.the office staff especially patty will sweet talk you into dont worry go ahead but in the end wat they say is not valid because like i said they r puppets for dtn.they also need jobs so they have to participate in watever dtn tells them to do.I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND DTN MANAGEMENT APARTMENTS TO ANYONE.WE REALLY SUFFERED A LOT DUE TO THEM.
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Knob Hill Apartments

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