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Mulberry Point



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/23/2008
I recently moved in and had the worse move in experence, during the 1st week in the dwelling ( yes dwelling, I have no plans for a long term stay here) both the hot water heater and refrigater gave out. I lost a refrigater and freezer full of food, and did not have hot water until mid month, (cold showers are not enjoyable at all). Both toliets backed-up several times during the 1st month and still fail to flush completely over half the time. When the hot water heater gave out flooding the living room. I was still unpacking, this created several more days of frustation for me having to put up with a carpet blower going 24/7 for a week (running up my electric bill) and having to delay putting my living room together until the water heater was installed, carpet dried and re-strecthed. these where just the major issues..... mold in the downstairs bathroom which they just painted over, the rust stain and debris left on the porch when the old water heater was removed, the garages are open spaced , no division of spaces, "just the honor system" which does nothing more than a temptation others to rip something off. The neighbors kids are not bad for the most part, unless you count the times they wake you up screaming and yelling at 3 a.m. I have lived in worse places, like a Government issued tent with 19 other members of the U.S. Military in the desert.....
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Mulberry Point

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