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Pines West Apartments



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
I read about how quiet it is here, and I have to say, I am not disappointed. I moved in two weeks ago, and I haven't heard a single sound from any of my neighbors! I can relax when I get home from work and sleep in as late as I want on the weekends. I'm in a corner unit, which means I don't have any wall neighbors on my bedroom or living room. If you want the most peace and quiet, request a corner. I really love the layout. The bedroom is HUGE, and the living room has an attached dining area. The kitchen is set so it receives light from the living room and opens into the dining room with a long pass-through, which makes the entire set of rooms feel more open. I also have a dishwasher, along with a double sink and full-sized fridge and stove. There are plenty of cabinets too. I haven't had an issue with storage. There are two closets in the hallway, but they're for the water heater and furnace. To make up for it, the coat closet and bedroom closet are both large and deep. I have plenty of space to store all of my stuff with room left over. Even the bathroom feels big. There's room for my scale and a litter box (if you have a cat). I love my balcony most of all. The buildings are set into a pine forest, and the trees come right up to the balcony. I can sit and watch the birds, and it smells so good, like I'm camping. The A/C unit sits in a corner of the balcony, but there's still room for a chair, table, and potted plants. The roof of the balcony hangs over at an angle, so I'm protected even when it rains. It will also keep the living room shaded and cool in the summer. Lots of people, including me, hang string lights and wind chimes. The grounds are in great shape. I had to come here a few times during the winter, and even after a horrible snowstorm, the roads and walks were plowed and salted. They have a great program where you can earn money off your rent if you sign up to shovel the walks during the winter. Now that it's spring, they're starting to clean up branches and prepare the lawns. The parking lots are in good shape, too. No potholes, trash, glass, etc. (Speaking of trash, they have special dumpsters for recycling, and you don't have to separate anything.) Maintenance does inspections twice per year, so the units stay in good shape with working smoke alarms, appliances, and such. I can't say enough good things about this place. I'm so glad I moved in. I plan to stay for a very long time. The office staff is really friendly and welcoming. I would give Pines West even more stars if I could!
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Pines West Apartments

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