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Lake Village of Rochester Hills



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
I would NEVER EVER EVER recommend this place to anyone! It is the worst place i have ever rented. When i first attempted to move in they did not even give me correct keys to open apartment. When i moved in to my descovery, this was what i informed management of Below is what I had to do for the 3 days when I moved in: The day I moved in I couldn t, neither keys worked for the dead bolt or bottom lock, even maintenance expressed this was terrible he had to replace entire set and I waited to obtain a new set of keys I took washer apart and put it back together as I discovered years of soap scum/mold/food in the washer, had to run it 3 separate times with bleach, sanitary packets after I spent hours cleaning it and putting it back together I have no screen on my bedroom window, really how is this even possible, no one noticed this basic amenity before I moved in? Bedroom blinds so dented and don t close properly so anyone can see in my bedroom window as I am on bottom floor. I did purchase glaze plastic strips from Home Depot so now I can sleep without being afraid someone can see in, each roll 45 dollars a piece may I add. My sliding screen door does not work spent hours by myself and fixed it as best as I could still broke despite my efforts, great inconvenience as I have dog to take to the bathroom. It is on track but I must be extremely careful to open it, and will come off the track all of the time. I even cleaned out the track with a screw driver in which I removed much debris and glass pieces still broke Poor water pressure, toilet almost flooded this morning, so please add this to my fix list that I dropped off Monday. I put on that list low water pressure. I should be able to flush my toilet without being afraid it will flood over Sliding glass door handle broke, I have tools by door so I can tighten it with Phillips screw driver as he continues to be loose, tools there also to continuously deal with broke/dented screen door Dishwasher broke, had to put bounce sheets in to avoid nasty water smell that is sitting in the bottom of the dishwasher Had to request lawn be mowed in list turned in on Monday as grass so high my dog did not even want to go to the bathroom Microwave filled with years of stuck on food/mold so disgusting and dirty I even turned that upside to clean it thoroughly, still cannot remove the yellow stains from the front however, least of my worries at this point. Terrible bug problem (while you are spraying this Thursday) I am now forced to vacuum daily to pick up dead bugs on my carpeting, again really, this should have been done as basic move in amenity. Now i have to make sure my inside and outside sprayed for bugs every other week or they become COMPLETELY out of control. No detached garage, I want what was promised to me I would get, a garage upon receiving my apartment, I am tired of living with big craftsman tool chest in my bathroom In addition, when my air conditioning went OUT twice i was told it was NOT an emergency and that my apartment had to be 85 degress or hotter to be considered an emergency to be fixed DESPITE the fact that i have an animal and told them this. Later after i spoke with management NOT Ms. Bowman i was told that YES when my air went out if animal IT IS emergency, thus it broke a second time and the day it broke the second time was 90 degrees, thus becasue was told despite having ANIMAL no one was able to come out and fix it. Therefore, i missed a day of work to keep windows open etc to keep my animal cool as possible. I know have had a broken washer machine that may be fixed today with HOPE as it is leaking all over floor and was not fixed yesterday when i called in work order. Garbage is constantly on grounds as tenants dont follow rules thus animals get into it at night and of course a mess. In fact, I have watched a TELEPHONE BOOK hand in one of the tress for months and months, difficult to see now wiht leaves covering it but, it is still there...AGAIN RUN RUN RUN-I have spoke with neighbors who have stated place "used to be decent" but only getting worse with us expected to have rent increase, umm rent increase for what, nothing gets fixed timely as complex has MAYBE 2 maintenance people for the entire complex which is HUGE. In addition, PLEASE do not BE FOOLED by anyone telling you they have "free car wash" as THE TRUTH IS ITS A GARDEN HOSE only..... I now am paying 1135 to rent to month to try and get out as fast as possible for A ONE ROOM 950 Square feet place as complex refused to consider allowing me to rent for 3 months as opposed to 6 or 12 month lease, understand i have been told corporate has allowed people to rent for 3 months in past with permission yet somehow i was told no, thus i am NOW paying a payment as if i lived in a HOUSE or NICE condo. AGAIN, RUN RUN RUN, as many people spoke to realtors, mortgage companies have even expressed they have heard about that place and "MOVED their family members out ASAP" once they saw what the environment was. In addition it should be noted not even military people want to reside their anymore as it continues to decompensate with no one addressing issues MANY tenants have asked. SO RUN RUN RUN-DO NOT RENT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Whitney-Manager accomodating New managment Ms. Bowman does not have vitriol tone however, her tone is always patronizing as i am sure as eveyone understands jobs can be stressful umm but, that is her job to be polite and reduce her inner insecurity and over-controlling attitude towards others. WELCOME to REAL world, WE GET PAID to maintain public immage aside FROM IT BEING OUR JOB....
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Lake Village of Rochester Hills

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