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Lake Village of Rochester Hills



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
I lived in this complex for some years while I worked in the area. The furnished model I looked at had large chunks of the fake brick building facing laying on the lawn. Clearly had fallen off that building and many of the other buildings around it as well. I was told they were "currently fixing all of that". I asked about the noise and smells from the asphalt company behind the complex. Aware they don't have any control over it, I was looking for an honest answer. I was told the noise and the smell only occurred minimally. I asked about snow removal and carports. I was assured that parking lot and sidewalk up to front door snow removal was provided promptly with each snow fall and carports were "assigned" for a monthly fee or with a lease renewal. The building facing was never repaired. It laid there for the years I lived there. Building facing continued falling off multiple other buildings which was also never repaired during the years I lived there. Snow removal was non existent. We all had to purchase shovels and shovel our own walkway and cars out every time it snowed. My assigned carport was always taken. When I reported it to the office and property manager, I was told to watch and see who's vehicle was in my carport each time and personally tell them not to park there again! Ridiculous! Property manager refused to assist or do anything about it. The extremely small and usually dirty 24/7 gym gives access to the pool. All night loud pool parties were a regular occurrence each summer and went ignored. Maintenance was slow at best in this small somewhat empty complex. The reason given was no money in the budget. What do you suppose they would have said if I didn't pay my rent and said: There is no money in my budget? The list goes on, but I am sure you get the gist of this. In reading these reviews going back a few years, I find it sad reading the property manager/staff's (even employee for same management company at another location) oppositional, negative, nasty, responses to legitimate concerns and reviews posted here by numerous tenants. It is truly indicative of how you will be treated. It is a very small complex and consistently had many empty units while I was there. Not hard to see why.
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Lake Village of Rochester Hills

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