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Oaks at Hampton Apartments



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courtneymalo • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2005
Back in April, our air conditioning broke. We called the maintenance and they came out and fixed it. In May, when the weather was in the 90's, it broke again, so we called back. At that time we were put on a waiting list. Ten days later, we still hadn't been seen. It turns out the maintenance people saw the apartment on the list and said they had already fixed it. Once they realized their mistake, they fixed it and gave us a credit because my boyfriend has asthma and we had to stay in hotels a few times because of the attacks he was having. From this point, it kept going downhill. The unit probably broke an additional 6 times, and they kept trying to patch it. 2 contractors came out and the last one I actually talked to. He said it was a piece of crap and needed to be replaced. This very last time it broke, September, we were upset and asked to get out of our lease. After all, what were we getting for $930 a month? They declined this request and the apartment manager, Pamela, said she would try to get a new AC unit. I, of course, pointed out this was something she should have done months ago, that we should not have had to call customer service and beg and complain simply to get something good management would have done without all this trouble. In the end, all they said they would give us is a $250 credit. This has been an unbearably hot summer and many nights where we could not fall asleep until 2 am and we both have to get up at 6 am. A $600 credit does not make up for the aggravation and lost sleep. I would not EVER recommend this place!<br><br>Also, you pay WAY too much for utilities. The last apartment I lived at paid for heat and water. Here you pay for EVERYTHING. They also changed the due date for rent and I was completely unaware of it, so it was late for 2 months without my knowledge.
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Oaks at Hampton Apartments

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