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Resident 1999 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/11/2002
I stayed at River Oaks for almost 5 years. For personal reasons I was unable to change my address for so long, otherwise I would have left this place within a year or two. <br> <br>The best thing about this place is what you can see with your own eyes. Nice location, not bad looking apartments and OK grounds. <br> <br>The rest is what gets you. <br>Let's start with the worst staff I have ever seen at any apartment complex, and I have stayed at quite a few... <br> <br>The property "manager" is Jennifer, a conniving, snooty and dishonest person, who has the nerve to lie in your face without blinking an eye even when she's sure that you know she's lying. It is very important to take everything she says in writing. She’s the only one there with powers to do anything, so what other staff tells you is really irrelevant. Through the years there were a few nice women there, but most of them do share one thing in common – condescension. <br> <br>The next thing is the old appliances that break a lot and take forever to get replaced. <br>During the winter I was unable to adequately heat up my bedroom. The furnace heats up the living room, kitchen and bathroom first, before the hot air gets to the bedroom. I had to nag for almost 2 years and endure five colds before I got my furnace replaced. It took even longer to replace a leaking and unstable washer that supposedly “got fixed” a dozen times before I finally boiled over and demanded it replaced. <br> <br>The worst experience was getting the lease renewed. First of all they send you a letter 3 months before your lease is over and tell you that unless you resign within a month your rent will increase by additional $10-$20 every week you delay your decision to re-sing. So, e.g. if you delay your signing by 2 weeks and you would normally pay $900, your monthly rent will be $920 on the same 12-moth lease you had before. This is on top of normal increases they might do for you. To make things worse after your lease is over they charge you additional $150 a month to go month-to-month. Not an uncommon practice, but you can still find complexes in the area that do not do that. The trick is that this $150 is on top of a “market price” – some abstract number Jennifer pulls out of who knows where. In reality be prepared to pay as much as $250 more when going month-to-month. This has been the case of my neighbor (stayed there for 3 years before leaving for another complex – he was furious for such a treatment, as was I later on). I was forced to pay “only” $210 more. One time they offered a deal for people to move in at the time of my lease renewal. Of course such a deal is not extended to you so, when I came to sign up, (having stayed at this place for over 4 years, mind you) I did not get any preferential treatment at all! As it was a 6 months lease I was asked to pay a cool $200 a month more than my neighbor for the exact same apartment. <br> <br>To summarize: if you are 100% sure how long you will be staying there and no lease re-signing is concerned, it might be an OK place to live. As soon as you run into maintenance problems, or you have to extend your stay be prepared to be snubbed and ignored, and do not expect any understanding or support from the management, no matter how long you have stayed there. <br> <br>Some of things you should look out for when inspecting the apartment and generally consider before you rent: <br> <br>The kitchen and bathroom cabinets are of poor quality. Make sure that they hold up well and do not delaminate during your use. Mine did all the time, especially on the edges. <br>Bathtub design is fundamentally flawed and the bathroom floor always gets wet after a shower no matter what you do with the shower curtain. <br>Blinds get stuck and break at least once a few months. I had them continuously repaired. <br>Make sure you get dripping pans for your stove when you move in, I didn’t. <br>The only cable provider is Comcast and you have no other choice. Comcast service is one of the lowest ranked services of any kind in Michigan – look online for stories on the subject. <br> <br> <br> <br>
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