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Timberlea Village

416 Timberlea Drive

Rochester Hills, MI 48309



Resident · 2008 - 2012
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Office Staff
I lived there for four years and overall my experience was good BUT with some glaring exceptions. 1) The kitchen is cheap particle board with drawers that grind themselves into dust. 2) Management offers bribes to tenants who will rat out their neighbors. "Do you know someone who has a pet but hasn't paid the pet fee? Rat them out and we'll pay you! Turn in your neighbors for fun and profit!" 3) If someone parks in your designated spot management absolutely doesn't care. Don't bother calling the police because they can't do anything. Basically if someone steals your numbered parking spot, too bad. 4) The maintenance staff are the eyes and ears of management and will rat you out for perceived violations. My mother passed away and I had her dog for a very short time (two weeks) in order to find her a home. After two days my apartment needed another in a long series of repairs and the next day I got a nasty gram from management about my "unauthorized" pet. No one can make a phone call? Of course not. Just a nasty letter and threats. Which brings me to 4) Anything that management does or does not want to happen comes with a threat or a bribe to rat people out or both. God help you if anyone complains about you for any reason real or imagined as management will take it as gospel without even bothering to check for themselves. 5) Gouging. I was charged over $150 for a broken mirror. Really? The last mirror (full length) I bought was for $20. Obviously they use this as pure profit.
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Timberlea Village

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