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425 West Second street, Rochester, MI 48307
425 West Second street, Rochester, MI 48307

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Forest Ridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/02/2014
DO NOT MOVE TO FOREST RIDGE!!! i cant COUNT the problems ive had here, these buildings are SO old, SO out of date is SICKENING! I had my toilet not flush for a WEEK, after calling the office to tell them, i got NOTHING, there wasnt even a WORK ORDER put in from the guy that came n told me it needed replaced, after a WEEK with 4 girls in the home, i FINALLY got a new toilet, took 4 HOURS to put in, the guy said it has the most ROTTED disgusting flanges hes EVER SEEN in his whole career as a maintenence man. The new toilet is smaller then the old one, so now i have about 3 ROTTED layers of tiling showing around my toilet. Then my outlets wouldnt work n started buzzing n smoking when plugging things in. THEN ALL of my closet doors have fallen off track n will NOT stay in track properly. Not to mention the weed smokers who do it RIGHT on the front porch. Also i can count in a year on 2 hands the times the cleaning lady has been, which she RARELY does, so were left with stinking filthy hallways, n dirty wash rooms. THEN they didnt reglaze my filthy tub before i moved in, so i had to live with the lovely smell n toxic fumes me n my children got sick from. I just LOVE the PAINTED counter tops that peel n chip n look like complete ------ TRASH! Now lets start on my front door which i could NOT get in OR out of without LOTS of kicking n pulling, FIRE HAZARD which also took HOURS to fix with no notice of time, so i got to see all my neighbors walking by n looking in my house through the door knob hole. Now lets move on to the trash dumpster for 11 PEOPLE their cheap A$$ES removed to save a buck, now leaving residents to walk 4-5 buildings over just to throw your GARBAGE away, OR the lovely MOLD growing in mine n my neighbors BATHROOMS leaving my youngest in complete asthma attacks n us with respritory issues!!!! This place n its owners are SLUM LORDS who dont give a rats --- bout nothing but MONEY! I wish i woulda listened to all the HORRIBLE reviews before i moved in, please save yourselves, n kids health n safety n do NOT move here! Ive never in my LIFE had or lived in such disgusting conditions! They should be put on the news n hall of SHAME
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Forest Ridge

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