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Forest Ridge



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BriBear • Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/29/2014
Like others have said... Stay away. I mean it may get better since they supposedly got new management and maintenance but who know. Yes, we were not allowed to see the apartment until we signed and were moving in. The apartment looks nothing like the model. I wanted to move out the day we moved in. Seriously! The front door was kicked in from day one. Had them fix it and within 5 hrs it was kicked in again. It has a "pool" well more like a pond because it's not clean and green. So don't let them fool you on that. It constantly smelled like weed. So strong I was wondering if I was going to fail my drug test even tho I don't smoke. Our "air conditioning" is basically a window unit that does nothing. It's 90 degrees in here right now. You can get in trouble for fan in the window but screw that... It's too hot in here. My gf's brand new car already has door dents all over it from jerks who just fling open their doors without a care. Laundry room is nasty too and like said its $3 and can only fix like 1/4 of normal load. The walls are pretty thin and you can hear your neighbors. It's pretty ------. It's a nice area close to downtown but that's basically the only pro.
Forest Ridge Manager12/09/2014

Hi! I would like to address your concerns as I have noticed that you have commented on this website before. I'm super happy that you have noticed our new management, but I'm disappointed you haven't noticed all of the differences we have been making. That just means we need to work harder to show you! Several prior posts have stated that residents were unable to see their apartment until move-in. I'm guessing this was a policy under the prior management. As new management we will try to show you your actual apartment as soon as we possibly can (provided the prior resident has moved out and maintenance is complete :) ) A brand new model has been established which will show case the quality and layout of our apartments. We did not do anything "fancy" to our model to make it look better than an apartment that you may rent with us. We did place some furniture in it so you can get an idea of the size of the space. If you moved in before your posting in June you likely have not seen this model. In regard to our pool...we do have another post about this which we encourage you to read. I would love it if I could eliminate all of your remaining complaints right now. If you are still living with us I encourage you to email me directly at [email protected] and I will be sure to address them. Taking over a new community (especially one that has been neglected by prior management) can mean the process of correcting problems takes a bit longer. We are adamant that the location is ideal and can not be beat. Additionally the community and the residents who have stayed living with us or moved in with us since we have taken over management deserve better. We want residents to be happy to come home to Forest Ridge Apartments.

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Forest Ridge

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