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Forest Ridge



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/26/2005
i just started my second year at this place, and i cant wait for the year to be over. the first year was actually pretty good (minus some neighbors that needed evicting) but the good outwieghed the bad which is why i renewed.<br><br>the second i signed the lease i regretted it.<br><br>they didnt turn the heat on til mid october, despite the lows getting into the 30s. when i called about it all they said was "we have contractors turn the boilers on, but we dont know when they are coming out." meanwhile we were forced to freeze.<br><br>the lawnmowers start at 7.30 once a week. sometimes twice with the leafblowers. so unless you are on a morning shift, dont expect to sleep in those days.<br><br>o yeah, and my car got broken into. the police said there were 5 others in that complex broken into at the time of my police report.<br><br>the apartment itself isnt too bad, i get hot water and decent pressure, except that my toilet hasnt had enough pressure to flush every time pretty much the whole time ive lived here. the water does stain things oddly and the heat is noisy, but its an old place. at least the staff is nice and can fix things if it doesnt require alot of effort.<br><br>i only live here because its close to school and in my price range with a low security deposit. however, i would trade that to have my car radio back and be able to sleep when i want to.<br><br>id only reccomend this place if you really cant find anything better.
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Forest Ridge

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