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Rochester Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/28/2007
I lived here for two years and when I first moved in it really was a pleasant experience. The management was responsive and the apartment was fairly quiet (not due to the thickness of the walls, I just had good neighbors for a few months). After about a year the place really went downhill. Apparently all of Pontiac and Detroit decided to move their families up here for a better life and brought all their crime and problems with them. The managment tends to keep them all in the farthest back buildings but a few are scattered in between. Thats when the crime wave started. Beware leaving your vehicle unattended. They had about 50 cars broken into in just one weekend. They didn't bother to tell any of their residents. I found out about it in the newspaper. And there was always cops at the farthest back buildings of the complex every weekend. I saw about 5 drug busts while I lived there and a few fights. Oakland University college students are everywhere. The ones near me would party four nights a week and invite all their friends back with them after they got back from the bar. So at 2:30am twenty people would be yelling and screaming outside my window. Followed by loud music and people yelling in the hall way. Also for some reason this place is having ALOT of problems with their pipes and boiler. In the last 6 months they have turned the hot water off 8 times. Only ONCE did they give us any notice. So I had to boil water on the stove just so I could get cleaned up for work in the morning!!! The management isn't too bad they at least act like they care but they're lazy and you really have to hound them when you want something fixed. Oh and watch out after you make a request to have something fixed especially if you have a dog or like to take a shower in the morning because they'll just barge into your apartment whenever they feel like it. This happened several times. Once I awoke at 9am to find two guys in my apartment and my fridge in the middle of the living room after I asked them to fix it two weeks earlier. I received a phone call from them 3 hours later telling me that someone would stop by that day to fix the fridge. (Yeah thanks for the call 3 hours later!!) Also I hope you like bugs. I'm not sure if all the other apartment buildings are infested but mine was. About twice each spring I would come home to my kitchen filled with ants. They would be all over the floor and crawling up the walls. I complained about it twice and maitenance never did stop by. So I had to get traps and get rid of them myself. Oh and if ants don't bother you then don't worry they aren't the only creatures you'll find. All year long I would get house centipedes. If you don't know what they are do a google search for house centipedes. They're nasty and fast. I don't think a week went by that these gross things made there way into the apartment and I kept my place VERY clean! The heat is ridiculous. My heat bill was about $80 a month in the winter and I had to seal the windows with plastic and turn on my oven in order to get the apartment above 68 degrees. The walls are pretty thin too. You can hear everything that everyone does. The positives are that it's close to downtown. It has nice scenary with the river nearby and the trail system being so close. But I feel the negatives more than out weigh the positives. I would not live here again.
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Rochester Place Apartments

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