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Rochester Place Apartments



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slmille1 • Resident 2007 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/21/2007
I had written a review about a month i had moved in and wasn't sure why people were saying it was so bad... but now i know. Now, this is an ok apartment for those who can't afford better and are just looking for something short term, it's a great deal the first year with the rent special, but after that you get nickel and dimed to death. My biggest complaint was the heat... let me tell you what it is like instead of just saying they are stupid. They heat the units with base radiators and how they work is they have to continuously force hot water through these, that is why the furnace is only turned on in the winter months. But unlike what they try to tell you it doesn't save you money at all. I lived on the second floor and NEVER turned on my heat because i was above the laundry room and where all the pipes were, but i always had a bill for 40 bucks a month for heating. My actual usage was only around 2 dollars (it is detailed on your bill, not counting hot water). The washer and dryers were not the greatest, i kept having mysterious stains show up on my clothes, and since i've moved it hasn't happened. Also i was spending about 40 dollars on laundry a month, and i live by myself. Also there is only one washer and dryer per building, and if it happens to go when you need it, you better hope you know some one in another building. The rent after the first year is not worth it, and worse you have to sign a letter saying you are intending to re-rent before they tell you what your rent will be. In this letter they tell you what it would be if you didn't request a special if you have paid all your bills on time, etc (and who wouldn't?!). I called and asked what it would be, they said it would only go up about 10 dollars, wrong! it went up about 40, and to some people that may not seem like a lot, but being a college student every penny counts and this building was just not worth it for the price they wanted, which after 2 years of renting was going up to about 585 a month plus i have two pets. I will say this, the people are very very friendly as far as your neighbors, i actually miss my old neighbors, my dog would have play dates with the local dogs and it was a great area to walk my dog in (paint creek trail was right there). As far as the actual apartments the carpeting is probably the cheapest you will ever see, but hides stains and animal hair very well. The appliances are dated and my fridge could never hold things on the bottom shelf. All in all, just shop around in the area. you will see that there are a lot of places that might be a little more expensive but are worth it because they have their own washer and dryer, etc. But if you like the area, and just need a cheap basic apartment and the heating problem doesn't bother you, it's not a bad place, just not the greatest.
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Rochester Place Apartments

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