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Village Green Apartments



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LisaAnn835 • Resident 2012 - 0 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/31/2012
Landlords are horrible, they will not fix anything. They will not fix leaking pipes in your apartments, they do not look at problems in your apartments when you complain, they just wait until the situation is soooo bad they have to call the insurance company. I lived here her for a very long time and have 2 children, one is a 10yr old autistic daughter, I had mold growing in my apartment, it took them months to fix. I called them about bathroom ceilings caving in multiple times,they do not care. My floor in the hallway flooded many times over the years do to a leaking pipe in the wall, they did not care. I had a sewage leak under my apartment, that leaked into my bedroom and they finally had to call a plumber to fix that, and then they brought me a shop vac and told ME to clean the mess up. Finally, after a pipe broke in the wall, they moved me to an apartment upstairs from my old one, that had a leak in the kitchen sink that was there previous to my moving in, that will leak on the floor and my autistic daughter tripped on, they do not care about that. This new apartment they moved me into is also missing a bathroom tile in the ceiling they would not replace, because after a few weeks of living here I noticed that the mans toliet above me leaks into my toliet. Now because I complain about the problems that are in the new apartment, they have given me and my 2 children 30 days to leave, and then they will use me and my kids as scape goats for the insurance company. The so called maintenance man they have is tearing down apartments and building them after they collect insurance money, has told me he has no license to do this work, which is probably why he runs in the opposite direction when I tell him about my leaking pipes. The apartment across me also flooded and i also have my many questions about that, like why were they in the building almost everyday and not noticed the horrible mold smell coming from that apartment for weeks, or the huge water spot on the floor in the hallway that was there for weeks until I called them up and asked them what was going on over there. Before I leave these apartments, I will be contacting the health department and try to get a hold of their insurance company. No one should treat people like this and get away with it, I have paid my rent here for 12 years and it is not right how they do business. I also had tests done on the mold to prove my what i am saying, and i have a copy of a plumbers receipt saying the pipes in the building are decrepit.
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Village Green Apartments

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