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Philamer Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2011
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Office Staff
When I first moved in to this place I felt that it had an older exterior and not the greatest kept grounds, but was overall a decent place for the price. The manager at the time was wonderful, she knew all of the tenants in all of the buildings and had a true concern for the safety of the tenants as well as the future of these apartments. She took care in kicking out the "bad" and carefully selecting the "good" to move in. What I mean by this is that there were quite a few tenants that never paid rent and overall trashed the place, but she did her best to get rid of these people (it isn't the easiest thing to evict someone). At the same time, she saw a future in these apartments so she tried to get in people that seemed dependable, responsible, and most importantly- SAFE. All of a sudden this manager, Vera, was no longer in the office and I was told by another tenant that she was fired. She did an amazing job so the only reason I can imagine for firing her is that she wasn't herding in tenants and was kicking people out. I'd imagine the owners are only looking at it from a purely financial point of view, but if this is the case they don't realize that she was making sure the people that live here PAY to live here and don't compromise the safety of this place. Since she's left, there has been a REMARKABLE difference in the crowd around here...every single person that has moved into my unit since new management has come in has had suspicious behavior, the apartment constantly smells like marijuana even though I've complained several times. All of a sudden, the people around here seem very shady. Music is constantly being blasted in the parking lots at night. There have been three occasions where I have heard a woman yelling/crying with such anger that I feared for her safety and wondered if she involved in some sort of domestic violence, but then I realized it was only her voice I could hear-she was on the phone. I've seen tenants get into immature and rageful fights over the fact that someone had parked their car in someone else's way. I understand why a person would be mad, but the reaction these people have is just frightening. This place just does not seem safe anymore. Two of the people in my unit have already been evicted, and they haven't been here long. It is obvious that whoever is running this place now is not concerned about who the tenants are and is just concerned about occupying the apartments. I understand this place is a business, but this is not the smartest way to invest in this apartment's future. I am getting out of here ASAP! This place is quickly turning into the slums!!!
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Philamer Apartments

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