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Woodland Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2018
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Office Staff
There used to be on-site management. This management has lived here for 27 years, and been managing for the owners for 22 of those years. The owners just and decided that the managers have been too nice to the tenants. Just how does being human, or doing for your fellow person become too nice? For instance, the owners do not have a rule that the managers would have to charge tenants for lockouts, but would encourage them to charge. The managers did not see the need to charge. Which the owners just could not understand. The managers would accept packages for tenants from UPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc. when tenants were not at home to accept them. Owners thought this was to nice as well. Getting the picture? Owners are going with a management company now to "harden" up the place and be more businesslike instead of family-friendly as the managers made it feel like. Owners also are forcibly having the managers move out because they no longer want them onsite as a bad influence. They have lived here for 27 years! How do you just uproot a couple after 27 years? Especially when one of them has SERIOUS medical issues? This is a very heartless, cold-blooded set of owners that are running tenants out by the droves. The owners increase rent as they see fit, with little notice, just because they want to justify their costs. The apartments are small, the rollover in tenants has turned to a more transient type rather than the long-term tenants of a few years ago. Meaning people move in not caring about their neighbors, make lots of noise, traffic at all hours, just make it an overall unpleasant place to live anymore. Many of us are looking to move out. Out of 28 units, more than half will be vacated.
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Woodland Apartments

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