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West Pier Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/26/2015
I moved into my apartment in 2013 after researching the different options online. When you are a prospective tennant, it is all sunshine and rainbows, but as soon as you pay your deposits and move in, the game changes. First, if you are a person who likes to keep to yourself and mind your own business, then this is not the place for you at all. The staff is initially very in your face and somehow know a lot about your family, but if you prefer to not engage in the community potlucks and events they become very cold and borderline rude. Next, the on site maintenance that is advertised is nothing short of a joke. I water over a year for an issue that I pointed out prior to moving in to be fixed, and when they did fix it they let themselves into my apartment without notifying me first. Boy was I surprised to wake up to a stranger in my home. There is also a major mold issue in many of the units. Every time I called to have it fixed, the maintenance personnel would scrub the walls, repaint the area, and list something that I was doing to cause the mold. The first time I was told that I cannot have anything up against the outside wall of the apartment, when I fixed that I was told that it was the humidifiers that I had recently purchased, then I was told that it was a well known issue to them. There was really no reason to lie to me and imply that I was causing the mold when it is a well documented problem. The noise level is usually just obnoxious, but reached unreasonable frequently. I reside in a 2nd floor apartment, and I am almost certain that there is a frat house with a bowling alley in its living room above me at times. Complaints to management about noise go completely ignored unless they are regarding pets. For a "pet friendly community," there is an intense hostility toward all pet owners whenever there are 1 or 2 tenants who do not feel the need to be responsible pet owners and clean up their pets waste. All pet owners receive hate mail attached to their doors on a regular basis threatening to banish all pets. Pet owners are also expected to drop everything and fit in short notice mandatory pet meetings every time management is feeling especially hostile toward pets. In 2 years, my rent was raised a total of $130/month. There are much better complexes in the area for a much better value. I will not ever recommend to anyone.
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West Pier Place Apartments

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