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West Pier Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/07/2016
I have lived at West Pier for 2 months now and I'm already regretting signing the lease. First, the grounds/exterior of the apartment are not well kept whatsoever. They don't spray for spiders/other bugs, so they just accumulate all over the siding, doors, hallways, garages, your porch, and even end up in your apartment. And let me tell you, these spiders are HUGE. I wouldn't mind paying extra money per month for them to spray, and I'm sure a lot of residents would agree with me. Second, the interior of the complex is not well kept either. Not once have I seen a vacuum come down my hallway. A dog had an accident in the hallway and it still smells like urine 2 weeks later, no one cleans anything. Third, you can expect to wake up in the morning to maintenance in your apartment without permission at least once. Last week maintenance came into our apartment at 8:00am, which woke me up and startled me. My bedroom door was shut so I don't think they knew I was there, and I heard the maintenance guy go INTO my bathroom, shut the door, and USE it!!!!! I was furious!! They then preceded to "fix" something, and I hadn't even put in a maintenance request!! I went to the office and the manager said they had the wrong apartment. HOW do you get the wrong apartment!!? The manager acted like she could care less about the situation, even though I mentioned multiple times that they used my bathroom and that I was furious. Fourth, the office is NEVER open. I order packages regularly, and all of my medications come through mail. The office is open 9-5 Monday-Friday and they aren't open Saturday or Sunday. They take a lunch break every day from noon to 1 and take their sweet time. I have went an entire week without taking an important medication due to their terrible office hours. I work and go to school, so I could on evenings and weekends to get packages. Overall, the two months I've spent here have been miserable and I would not recommend this apartment to anyone. It's not worth the $900/month I'm paying for a 3 bedroom. I WOULD recommend Ashmun Creek. They aren't pet friendly but man, their management is so nice and their apartments are so clean!
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West Pier Place Apartments

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