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56965 Stoney Creek Drive, Shelby Township, MI 48316
56965 Stoney Creek Drive, Shelby Township, MI 48316

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Stoney Creek Village



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Office Staff
Faper2015 • Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/20/2016
I lived here for a year and I could not get out fast enough! I had a lot of issues with my neighbors and one day my neighbors actually confronted me about going to management because the office had told them I was making several complaints. What where my complainants you ask? Well, my unit had a communal outside deck because it was a raised unit and my lovely neighbor's took it upon themselves to make it a second patio for themselves. They had tables, chairs, a statue of Mary and grill and they would all party right outside my door while using their actual patio as storage. They were ALWAYS out there and it was super awkward. They were also crazy loud and had an affinity for slamming doors/screaming. After numerous complaints and no action from management, we gave up trying to get the issue resolved. We figured we were not going to be in the apartment that long (we were looking to buy a house the entire time we lived there). Besides the neighbors, my biggest complaint was the unit itself. The unit we got placed into was not even close to the one we originally looked at when we did the tour. It was shady-at-best! Everything was old and the furnace was extremely loud and when I had mentioned that to management they shrugged it off. I submitted a list of items that needed to be fixed before we moved in with the three largest being: 1) there wasn't a door on the bathroom 2) there weren't screens on the windows 3) the toilet screamed when flushed. Their fixes were: 1) a rust orange accordion door for the bathroom 2) screens that were obviously way too big for the windows (meaning we couldn't open the windows without bugs coming in) 3) them telling us that is how the toilet had always been. Another great perk of living here is that the maintenance men come in whenever they want to. Once my husband was in the shower and they came in to "check on something". On another occasion when I got home I found a note on the table that they had been there. When I called the office to ask for a heads up so I could lock my cats away so they don't get outside I was told that was impossible. Last but not least- my bee issue! Towards the time I was moving out, bees kept coming into my apartment by the dozen. I kept finding bees in my laundry basket, my cats playing with bees, bees stuck in the shower. They were everywhere! I mentioned this to my crazy neighbors and they said they also had a bee issue. So I looked around and I found a nest and I told maintenance about it. Their response was god damn amazing! They told me it was a fake nest and my bee problem had to be coming from something else. Yep, they came to the conclusion that the beehive right next to my window wasn't a real hive, even though they never came to look at it and I was getting bees in my apartment. And that sums up this apartment complex. On the good side, I got all my security deposit back and I really appreciate living in a house more than ever now!
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Stoney Creek Village

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