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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
I moved in, in August of 2006 and the first two months I and my soon to be wife had a some what enjoyable time. Not! When we got our keys we went up to the apartment and there was no lock on the door. Meaning anyone and their mom could just walk in. We had to wait an additional 6 hours to move in (rented a uhaul) so it messed the day up. While we walked around in the apartment we noticed that their was ants walking up the walls. Just horrible!<br>Gets better, after say 2 months of living here we happened to have this guy move in below us and for what ever reason he enjoyed listening to his music and playing his video games really loud at 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 in the morning all day everyday! I mean so loud my wifes glass of water on the table was shaking! We addressed the issue with the office staff and yeah it would have been better to give them a picture book and let them sit in the corner and "read" it. They just didn't have any knowledge or problem solving skills period. They said they would tell this guy to turn it down and so on. They said they made several trips to his apartment and didn't hear anything. Granted he was being loud early in the morning. They said we have no proof. It just so happens one day he was home and being so loud I can't tell you how angry I was over it so I went and got Brian the property supervisor to come up to my apartment for the 2nd time after the 1st time they failed to even show up. I let him hear how loud this guy was and what we have to deal with all day every day and he said sure not problem we'll tell him to turn it down. He said, "NO BIG DEAL!" So he went downstairs and knocked on his door...no answer and then decided to knock again but no answer cause maybe the guy couldn't hear it?!? <br>Brian then came back up to our apartment (sneaky) and told us well I will call him later to ask him to turn it down and I'll touch base with you later. If i didn't call i'd be waiting to this day. <br>To make this short... nothing came of it. Nothing at all. They didn't care and made it clear. They said we can't kick him out over noise. See its clear to me that they don't have to live with it so they don't care. I'm just a part of their bi weekly paycheck. <br>This guy below us started getting a little out of control with his way of dealing with getting in trouble he threw a shoulder into me as we where passing on my way to get the mail and on top of it he loosened my lug nuts on my drivers side tire and ended up causing extensive damage. (police report filed) I went through that and got a copy of the report and gave it to the apartment staff and they said nothing. They claimed to need this copy to get rid of this guy but when we turned it in we never got a response then when i asked them whats going on they said we are working on it. So its an issue of our safety. They don't care. We even called the Corporate office and spoke with Ian and he claimed to wanna help and still same result. These people are horrible.<br>DONT RENT HERE, IF YOU FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE AND KIDS LIVES DO NOT RENT HERE. <br>There's so much more thats wrong with this place and no one is doing anything about it. We got our lawyer involved and now we are getting out of our lease.
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