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12 North



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
I stay in 12 north now would recommend it yes and no if you are older the 50 and if you are a family with kids. They pay for nothing here. They charge you for every single thing /threaten to even if you have a piece of paper in front of your door its a $25 dollar fine.i also dont recommend you having any social gatherings at ypur home the chances of there security knockin at your door and recieving a noise disturbance are high even if your not loud. There security walks the floor like its a jail I am happy they do have security but there as pointless. Managements ok they sit in the office most the day twitering there fingers the best part about the place is the cool assertive maintenace guys.12 north are money sharks overall if you are single and lonely /and or old this place is for you if you have kids this place is kinda for you as well. But if you park in the wrong spot its a damn fine here.if you like to have friends over....this place isnt for you.i hear kids runnung up and down my floor and kids yelling and cryim in the hall way all the time. It was cool the first couple months til they switched 2 different security companies now...its like a senior citixen home with security no music playin no tvs too loud this place is a joke. Oh and you know how tpyou go grocery shoppin but hate having to return to your car all the way in your parking spot theres no parking in the front even to lighten the load they will csll southfield police in a heartbeat hows thst for understanding tenants even the elderly they dont care you have to go back and fourth or buy a cart to walk your groceries up... think twice
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12 North

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