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Southfield Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! If you're reading these "no" reviews and thinking (like I did) that this won't apply to you... RECONSIDER! There are PLENTY of great apartments to rent in the area. Sure, the fireplace is nice, the staff seems helpful and approachable, but I can ensure you, it's all to see an apartment! I moved here in August.. What a mess! Where do I even begin. I needed the apartment around a certain date for school purposes. My program is accelerated and averages to about 14 hours a day spent in either school or clinical settings. I was looking for an apartment complex that would be flexible and willing to help me with my situation. At first they seemed flexible but when it came time to change my date of move-in, they gave me excuse after excuse as to why they were "not allowed" to change the date... complete opposite of what I was told when I handed them the move-in money.. go figure! One of their excuses was they needed time to fix up the apartment and they had other move-ins. However, I was told the apartment I rented was the last one available. Moving on to problem #2. I move-in and all the "time" they needed to fix the apartment was a bunch of -------- to put it as nicely as possible. They carpet was stained and dirty, frayed around the edges, and there were nails sticking out of the floor where the carpet barely met the linoleum. Pieces of linoleum were sticking out and the plastic, yes plastic, trimming was peeling off the walls. They attempted to stick it back on with a nail which only made it look worse. Air conditioning didn't work, dishwasher didn't work, AND the fridge didn't work. So what was all the time they needed to fix the apartment up for???? Even the stove didn't fully work. After a long wait, I finally got a working fridge and a wall unit AC. Everything else was a lost cause because maintenance will not do any work if you have a dog in the apartment. Ok, problem #3... I was told two dogs were allowed as long as they were not a restricted breed and I was on the first floor. I come home one day to a notice to vacate by the end of the month! There was no call, no letter, no communication about the issue whatsoever. I tried calling the office, leaving messages for the manager, and never received a phone call back! I went as far as contacting corporate to try and figure out what was even going on. I'm busy with school and work from 530 am to 9 at night so going in during office hours was out of the question. Somehow that led to me coming home to yet another notice... an eviction notice! Not one person returned my phone calls or helped me address the problem! And the funny thing about it, is the girl who I signed the lease with was the one who signed the eviction papers... but with a different first name! LOL, was I not supposed to recognize your writing, let alone the same last name?! Have I left anything else out? the power goes out too frequently, especially with the slightest storm. Plan on having your heat cranked up because the windows and doors do nothing to keep the heat in and the cold out. Bugs are a whole other issue. Parking sucks! They make you pay for a covered parking spot which is basically all that's available. So ya, please don't be fooled by the smiling faces in the office. You're another sale to them. The fireplaces seem cool but I can promise this fireplace is not worth the rent I pay to stay in this nasty apartment with non-working appliances and a maintenance staff that shits their pants at the sight of a dog wagging their tail! Don't move here, I cannot stress that enough!
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