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Southfield Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
I lived in this community for 2 years before moving to Atlanta last year. I would have to say that my apartment was nice. However, all apartments are NOT identical. Not even the same fixtures! It's basically the luck of the draw in regards to which unit you get. The will not allow you to see the unit before you sign the lease and move in, which is a gimmick. My complaint was my next door neighbor across the hall...SITS HER TRASH OUTSIDE OF THE DOOR FOR DAYS AND DAYS. Especially when we lived right across from the Nasty, Unkept Trash compactor. The only time that trash area was clean was when the trash truck came or during early hours when management was there. Let you come home during the weekend, or a holiday or after office hours is closed; EVERYONE THROWS TRASH ON THE GROUND AND TRASH BAGS ON THE GROUND! NEVER EVEN PUT THEM IN THE COMPACTOR. I've complained and complained but they never did anything to enforce it! Eventually I took these attached pictures and sent them to the owners of the property and that's when they sent out a mass letter trying to put their foot down. (figures). I lived right across from that trash compactor. I hated it. I NEVER used my front Patio Porch because the View was horrid. I even asked for a rent decrease or a discount because of the conditions I had to endure living back there. They wouldn't do it. As you can see for yourself. The pictures are would I would come home to weekend after weekend! Also, the walls are so thin if you live on the bottom floor all you hear is your neighbors walking around above you all hours of the night! you hear sex, fights, party's. it's embarrassing to bring visitors to your home sometimes. I've called Southfield Police on my neighbors at least 4 or 5 times since my stay. Sometimes you get this one guard at the gate who just lets anyone in and sleeps in the booth, smh. Yes the apartment complex looks nice but when you move in you will get to see the full effect of everything. Tes is the manager here. She has always been nice but I always felt she never did anything to help improve the property, seeing that I had to send a letter to corporate about the trash to get a response out of her. Anyone who lives in the back outside that trash needs to get a discount rent. That's a mess. Other than everything else I've mentioned, everything else has been fine. I liked the 24 hr gym area, although the equipment is outdated. Other than the trash area, the complex looks pretty nice and decent. I really hated the location of my unit. When NOT the same. That new unit had this very cheap carpet. The whole unit looked cheap so I stayed another year by the trash compactor. It was miserable. You see people drive up to it in cars and just simply throw their trash out of their windows on the ground. They need camera's by that trash compactor
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Southfield Apartments

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