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Southfield Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2016
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Office Staff
From my experience, the staff and maintenance are very friendly and professional. They seem to do the best they can with what they have to work with. With that said, Bayshore Properties has completely missed the mark in managing this property. I do not believe that the state of the property is the fault of the staff. It seems like Bayshore Properties won't even give them money for basic fixes like paint and road repair. The advertisements describe the property as a "luxury" apartment. That seems a bit curious when the paint has literally been falling off of the buildings for over 2 years, the roads have so many potholes that they are a danger to residents and property, and the roofs are in desperate need of replacement. (Just take a look at the first building. That tells the story pretty accurately.) It is incomprehensible that any property management company would allow their investment to be so poorly maintained. It's been this way for over 2 years. They keep saying that things will "hopefully" be fixed "sometime" in 2016. We're not talking landscaping, updated units, the fountain that was once at the entrance being fixed, fixing the hot tub, or new equipment in the gym. We're talking PAINT on the buildings and SAFE ROADS. It's incredibly frustrating to watch Bayshore Properties destroy this once beautiful and luxury property. It feels like they're consciously trying to turn this property into a slum with how they approach making basic fixes that should be done annually, at minimum. It's so old and so in need of basic maintenance, I feel bad for the maintenance staff because there's no way they can keep up with fixing everything from the roofs, to stoves that are so old they're spray painted to hide the extensive wear and tear. The common area carpets should have been removed years ago. They're disgusting in most buildings. A lot of "fixes" are just spray paint or contact paper over the problem areas. There are some things an apartment complex has a hard time fixing (noisy neighbors, crowded parking, etc.), but what Bayshore Properties refuses to fix in a timely fashion (2 years) is just a shame. It's so sad to see what they've done to this property. This is one of the worst maintained properties in metro-Detroit. That is literal, not figurative. Drive around and take a look for yourself.
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Southfield Apartments

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