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The Franklin



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/08/2015
First off, the office and maintenance staff have been great during the time I've been here. Things get done quickly and they are easy to work with. If the neighborhood and crime weren't an issue, I'd want to stay here. The building is older but has generally been well-maintained. Aesthetically, the exterior and the grounds could use some work, but there is nothing that I would classify as a deal breaker as long as you are okay with living in an older building. Recently, there have been some cosmetic improvements to the common areas and hallways, but the apartments themselves have not really been updated. Not a huge deal because if an appliance or something broke down, I'd feel pretty confident that maintenance would take care of it. One downside to living here is that the location borders an area where crime has been increasing. As one example, there was a nightclub shooting less than a block away and another one less than a mile away. In both cases, people died. Auto-related crime has been increasing in this zip code as well. My insurance rates are now almost as high as the rates in Downtown Detroit, and I have a clean record and drive an economy car. There used to be "courtesy officers" on site at the complex that patrolled the parking lot and watched video monitors every night at the complex. About a year ago or more, they went away and haven't been back. Now we only get occasional neighborhood security patrols in the parking lot, and no courtesy officers in the common area. I'd like to know why all this was cut back, but residents were never notified why. I'm guessing the owner or property management company wants to cut corners to save a few bucks given that the local market will only support so much in terms of rent increases. Again, it's an older building. Along with crime in the surrounding area, there has been a mixed bag in terms of the tenants here. There are a lot of families here and older, retired residents, medical students, generally good people, etc. I do not mind any of these folks and it's nice to live in a diverse community. However, there has always been a small "------" element here that older residents are quick to point out. If management doesn't figure out a way to get rid of this soon, this place is going to keep going downhill, and no one decent will want to live here. In the last few months, there have been more and more incidences of people leaving trash in places where it doesn't belong, clogging the trash chute, and the smell of pot so strong in the hallways (even on the first floor/common area) you'll think you stepped into a Cheech & Chong film, sketchy people in the parking lot and around the building, etc. There have also been several times where people that don't live here and have no keyfob security access try to get in the building, which I will chalk up to the "------" element in the building and their associates. In general Southfield is going downhill in my experience, which sucks because it's an affordable and convenient place to live as far as Oakland County goes. If you are considering living here, make sure you know what you are getting into.
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The Franklin

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