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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
Refering to the Lakes Apartments on 12 Mile:<br><br>Keep looking you can find better. They have these unusual fees, admin fees that if you apply online you don't have to pay. I feel they are overpriced and the maintenance people are slow. If you have a remolded apartment, it may be better, but the staff seems uncaring if you have a problem and failed to inform me of how to operate the alarm system until it was too late, I had a break in, and it took almost a month to fix the door to my liking, just replacing the lock instead of the door frame was silly. But in the beginning I was lied to I was shown one apartment and told the price then I was told that the price would be more because that was a remolded unit in a prime location, if I wanted to pay less I could move to the rear which had the same exact unit, so I said that was fine I didn't need to be close to the tennis or volleyball court, I move in and find that it is not the exact same, it was an older unremolded unit, which I chalked up to the leasing agent being new, I needed to move fast so I stayed but the closet contruction was weak and needed to be reinforced and the first 3 months were a battle, I thought the maintenance may have been slow mentally or just lazy, because it took the manager to come out for me to point out what I was talking about and to get things taken care of then things were okay, as long as I didn't have an issue, also beware of online bill pay, instead of giving you a courtesy call if they don't receive your payment they will threaten you with eviction, in my case it was a misunderstanding someone didn't check off that they received my payment, but I just thought it was extreme and could have been cleaned up nicer since I was not aware that they didn't get my payment it would have been better than me being unaware and shocked, then angry and having to supply then with receipts just to hear oh you can't take us up on our offer to move out sorry it was our mistake, for the last half of my lease, I haven't had a problem, the apartments are big and the location is great but management could use some work, so the early months left a bad impression about this complex, I would recommend always get offers/ prices in writing, get renters insurance and get a receipt in writing and a date for service and a contact person. In case something goes wrong, they will take your maintenance request right away but not necessarily fix the issue. It wouldn't surprise me if someone in maintenance had something to do with the break ins. I talked to a guy that moved in recently, had a maintenance work order, then had some jewelry stolen, shortly after, as well. Beware.
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The Lakes Apartments

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