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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2014
This is for all future residents! If your thinking of moving to Village Green of Southgate Apartments in Southgate, MI You need to know some things that are included with your rent, however don't actually get done! If your renting on the Wyandotte, MI side of Quarry you would notice, the sidewalks don't get shoveled, if they do it's only on the front side, so drive around back in the alley but be careful it's very slippery and has ruts in the road. If your thinking of renting a town home, be prepared to pay very high energy cost as all the windows are very drafty. If you request work to be done you need to send a registered letter to the main office and then someone will finely come out to see what the problem is, if it's a difficult fix they will not be back to repair it. It's also your responsibility to pay for water and sewer and yes another service charge, Most of the toilets are as old as the building and are not water saver toilets and they plug very easily and require several flushes. The water pipes going to the second floor are old galvanized pipes almost completely blocked with rust, when you turn the water on it's rusty in color. With very low water pressure it takes much longer to fill the tub or even to take a shower. This has been a problem every since we moved in and every time I ask for it to be repaired it's completely ignored. Other than poor maintenance, poor management to direct the maintenance and poor windows it's not bad living here. I almost forgot they want to raise the rent every year by $40 to $50. per month and the keep adding cost of garbage pickup and water. When will they stop? nobody knows! What's next lawn care cost? Property tax? Nobody knows.
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