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13750 Village Green Boulevard, Southgate, MI 48195
13750 Village Green Boulevard, Southgate, MI 48195

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[email protected] • Prospective Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2018
*DO NOT MOVE HERE* I normally do not write reviews but the experience I had with these people BEFORE even moving into this place has to be written in a review. Life happens I know, I had a few things happen prior to me moving in that were beyond my control, BOY when I tell you they didn't like that. I was already approved for a nice place but decided to give this place a try. I can tell you what made me decide NOT to live here is the staff in the office. ---------------------------------- is a racist little girl who needs to learn how to speak to the public whomever trained her needs to be fired because with someone like that working in the office, she is liable to have the company sued. There were some unfortunate things that happened prior to me moving in. Like the loss of a parent. What I should have done after they acted when I didn't move in was cancelled but i tried to give them another chance. They changed my move-in cost 3 times. The last time they changed it they added on the next month without even asking me if that would be okay. Sneaky! One of the times that the move-in amount was changed was due to their issue the contractors not being able to have the apartment ready, and after me changing my utilities over twice and switching apartments, I told them that I wasn't calling my utility company a third time. The last straw was the day of move-in my renter's insurance had to be dated the same day I moved in. No big deal. I finally found someone that would change it over for me. I am driving out to the place to pay my move-in cost. I get a call from -------------, telling me the information you sent me is wrong, almost happy in her voice that she thought I wouldn't be able to move in. I politely told her, I have the correct copy with me that has the current date that you need for renter's insurance. She sounded heartbroken and upset because I had all the documentation that I needed to move in, began yelling telling me to email me what i have while I am driving there. It was at that moment I decided this is not where I want to live with a bunch of racist women in the office. I did report them to corporate and I will be reporting them to their personal manager for that complex. i was so upset I wanted to report them to the company's CEO! I have never in my life gone through this to move into a place. If I am having this many problems before even moving in, I can only imagine what it would be like living there!!!
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