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Woodland Ridge Apartments

18270 Woodland Ridge Drive

Spring Lake, MI 49456



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brans062 • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/27/2017
I would not recommend Woodland Ridge Apartments to anybody looking for a place to stay. When we moved in we were fined $50 for smoking in the apartments. This was acceptable because we were smoking in the apartments at the time. After we were fined we quit smoking in the apartment and started to smoke out in the woods to keep it away from our neighbors. We received a couple of notices on our door about smoking in one of the apartments and/or within 30 feet from the building in the following months. These notices were put on every door in our building so we disregarded them figuring they were for one of the other apartments. Soon after we put in our 2 month notice to move out we received another fine stating that it was verified that there was smoking going on in our apartment. I went down to the office to state that there has been no smoking going on in the apartment for quite some time and the now $100 fine was ridiculous. The staff member said she would have the manager call me to talk about it in the following days via phone. Instead two days later there was another notice and fine on our door for smoking again. This time $150. I was finally able to speak to the manager who told me that one of our neighbors, (and not our next door neighbors) called her late at night to complain and it made her upset. So she sent maintenance over to the apartments. He said he smelled our door and thought he smelled smoke. This was enough for her to fine us $150 dollars. The manager spoke down to me almost shouting at me and told me that she was sick of hearing complaining so now we are getting fined. This doesn't even make sense! Why would we smoke in the apartment 2 days after receiving a $100 dollar fine and disputing the fine. Also the maintenance workers do a poor job fixing problems in the apartment. They take a long time to respond to problems. We once went 2 days without hot water. The maintenance worker told us he was going to fix it the next day because it was to late in the day. He also scratched the television with the sliding glass door when he had to take it off of the track. We had an issue with the screen door falling off, the maintenance worker told us that he would fix it in the spring because it was too cold outside to fix the issue. By the spring time the screen door had fallen over and been damaged. Instead of replacing it he put the broken screen door back on the in spring. The lights outside of the apartment burnt out and were not replaced for a week. The apartment itself was good, and the location is nice as well. I like being close to the beach and coast guard park. Neighbors have also talked about how rent goes up almost every year and the new e is not as good as in the past.
Woodland Ridge Apartments Manager10/02/2017

Greetings, we apologize that you are unhappy with your stay at Woodland Ridge. Our staff works hard to make sure every resident has an enjoyable living experience. We offer both smoking and non-smoking buildings at our community and want to ensure that our non-smoking buildings are in compliance with policies set and do in fact prohibit smoking. If you have any questions about our policies, please refer to your Non-Smoking Lease Addendum in your signed lease. Please know that we are here for you, should you require anything in the future. Best regards.

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Woodland Ridge Apartments

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