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Kings Arms Apartments



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tjurewicz • Resident 2011 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 04/17/2012
First off, I m not going to apologize for being so wordy. If you are really interested in the community then I think you will take the time to read it. ;-) When searching for a new complex about a year ago, I spent lots of time researching, reading reviews and even requesting FOIA (Freedom of Information Acts) from local police departments to gauge crime for the places I was looking at. I stumbled across Kings Arms and after some further research I stopped in and next thing I knew I signed the lease. The apartment was clean, spacious for the price and had a great view of the Plum River/creek. Now jumping forward a year, I'm still very happy with my decision! I tend to be overly harsh about little things, but I would like to break it down by category with a few of my experiences: Cosmetics/Building Quality: When I moved in there were a few things that kind of bothered me cosmetically about the building...entry way crumbling brick, exterior paint peeling. I chalked it up-to the price I was paying for rent. It wasn't until I walked out of the door one morning and rolled my ankle on a piece of broken brick that I sent an email to the complex. Within hours I received a response from Shelly (complex mgr) stating that she would schedule someone to take a look and within a week a crew replaced the exterior brick and it now looks great. Kings Arm s is also currently re-building the pool area and recently replaced cracking concrete in the main entrance driveway. While the paint is still peeling, I have complete confidence that it will be taken care of as the warmer weather comes. Maintenance Staff: Late one evening when I was getting ready for bed I noticed water stains on a wall in my closet and decided to call the after-hours maintenance number. Expecting to just leave a message with someone getting back to me at a later date, I was amazed when it was answered and I had one of their SUPERIOR maintenance guys in my apartment within 15 minutes to find and patch the leak for the night. The next morning the maintenance crew was back to rectify the problem and clean the damage. Amazing service crew, they really do care! Neighbors: Excellent! All prior and new tenants are very friendly and look out for each other. This is a good sign that the complex does thorough background reviews to make the community a safe and enjoyable place to live. This is the first complex that I ve lived where there are not LOUD neighbors every weekend with the smell of illicit drugs lingering in the hall. Don t get me wrong, there are occasional get togethers but never are they a nuisance, heck, I ve been known to do the same but everyone is respectful. Crime/Vandalism: No ISSUES! However, I did hear from a neighbor that someone went through their vehicle shortly after they moved in and stole some petty stuff, but I cannot speak for that personally. Rent: The prices are reasonable for the accommodations. However, I was rather disappointed when my lease came up for renewal. I had an increase in line with what I questioned when first joining the community (I am fine with that). But, there was also a new tacked on water charge which was discouraging. After speaking with Shelly, she stated she would contact the Mgmt company and get back with me regarding what could be done. I was initially happy when we discussed a credit but after hearing from her a few days later she was only authorized to offer a 1 time credit and free carpet cleaning, which in retrospect does not make up for the additional charge, as I ve only been here a year and see no need for a carpet cleaning. In closing, Shelly and her staff are GREAT. This is a great community, though I feel that they may have their hands tied by the management company. Which I HOPE does not lead to a downturn of the complex.
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Kings Arms Apartments

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