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Kings Arms Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2012
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Office Staff
Let me start by saying that I work in the "Apartment Management" field, so I have seen, worked at, and visited a ton of apartment communities. I chose to move here, from my free, utilities included apartment that the company provided for me. My old apartment was located in Clinton Township, near Partridge Creek Mall so it's not like I was in the "------", but I just wasn't happy there, and I didn't really find my sons elementary school to be as great as a "Blue Ribbon" school should be. I was lucky enough to be able to move into a townhome that has very tasteful updated cabinets and countertops and beautiful paint colors. ( We do pay more for the updated things, but felt that it was worth it) IMO the office staff is very friendly, even after I moved in, which is not always the case. I have had a few maintenance issues, but they were taken care of rather quickly. I did call a few times about my dishwasher, but after they tried two repairs they did end up replacing it for me. I read in another post that they try to "band aid" problems, but from working in the field, any apartment community, no matter who the manager is, who the maintenance staff is or who the management company is.. will always try an inexpensive repair or two before replacing something. The picnic and pool area is very nice, with a ton of deck chairs! Some teens and adults can get loud or use inappropriate language at times, but nothing like the place I moved from, and work at, there the chairs and tables are always being broken, tossed in the pool, and the bathrooms have been torn apart. This summer I did call and complain from the pool deck that there was cursing going on that my son and his friend didn't need to hear, and Shelly did come out and ask the rowdy teens to leave, but I know from experience that there really isn't too much more the office staff can do about some issues. I can think somebody is a horrible parent, but where I work I can not violate them for it. Proving who damaged or said something is very hard (at least where I work, and another management company I worked at) because we are not allowed to take one person's word over anothers, one of our employees have to be a witness, or if the Police get involved, we can use a Clinton Twp Police Report. There is a small playscape here, which I agree, gets damaged, but seemed to be repaired quickly last summer, but my son is 9, so he's too old to use it anyways. At ********* Apartments we couldn't even replace the playscape after it had to be torn down. There were some community activities this summer I thought were cool, but when those ideas were brought up to the management company that I work at, it was "not affordable" so be thankful that they are able to do things for us. The only thing I'm not really 100 % happy with is the gym, the weight station is great, but the bikes take up space, I never see anybody using them, and I would personally love to see an elliptical, and an ab or pilates machine of some sort, but I guess for free vs paying for a membership somewhere I will just use the weight station. Overall, I love living here, most of my neighbors are great, and I just ignore the ones who aren't. My son is doing great in Oakbrook, which I think is way better then his other school. The place looks beautiful in the summer, and has very decent snow removal, I hardly hear my neighbors unless they are having get together, and even then they are respectful, and even asked me to let them know if it bothered me. You will not find a perfect apartment, they all have idiot parents, loud mouth teenagers, people who do not take pride in their home, or people who are stuck up and think they are perfect, but this place is really a happy medium between "too crazy" and "too strict", at the end of the day I love to leave work, and come home to a nice community!
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Kings Arms Apartments

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