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Kings Arms Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2012
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Office Staff
I lived in kings arms for 2 years. Overall I'm very satisfied with my time there. The staff is great and the maintenance is always timely and does a great job. You're always going to have extra noise and things you have to deal with in apartment living so I accept it for what it is. My only complaint is that it seems like when they get a new apartment ready the just paint over everything. The counter tops were painted so they stained like crazy, coffee would stain, canned goods would leave scuff marks. I had to bleach them all the time it was the only thing that worked. The bathtub looks all nice and new when you move in until a few good cleanings and you realize the paint is coming off and showing whats underneath. That was a little scary. The vents will carry any kind of smell. Thank god the people above me didn't smoke because it would come straight down. They tell you that its all separate vents but there is no way that is possible after experiencing what I have. Doing laundry was a little difficult as well. You had to go into the basement and depending on where your apartment is located you could be going across a whole building to get to the laundry. I was really creeped out the first few times but got over it. I know it sounds like I'm saying a bunch of negative things but honestly it is a great location and pretty quiet and a great staff and all of my neighbors were friendly. Every apartment has its cons so I just wanted to share mine. But overall I did truly enjoy my time here. I only moved because I needed more space.
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Kings Arms Apartments

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